Union Election: Imo NUJ set to erupt in violence …National President fingered …Journalists vow to resist imposition

The National President of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Christopher Isiguzo is on the verge of setting Imo State council on fire.
Any man who claims or pretends to be so self-sufficient to the extent that he needs only himself to survive or rule a set of intelligent people is no human being, such a man could be seen as playing god. NUJ, Imo State council recently had a problem which emanated from an attempt by the National President, Christopher Isiguzo and the past state chairman Innocent Igwe who plans to impose their preferred chairmanship candidate on Imo journalist. An action over 300 Imo journalists challenged and directed the President, who was then the Vice President Zone ‘C’ South East states, to allow a free, fair and credible council election. This led to the stalemate of the election earlier fixed for July, 14, 2018. The President on the day of the stalemated election, constituted an unconstitutional 5 member caretaker committee headed by one Francis Ebonugwo of Ministry of Information, Owerri Imo State. The president whom the journalists looked upon to do what is right has now taken up a one man show attitude to bring into play what is not in the union’s constitution, an action which led Imo journalists to nearly create problems that could have taken lives in one of their congresses held at their press centre located along Port Harcourt Road Owerri, last month, if not for the quick intervention of the men of the Nigeria Police who arrived at the centre when one of the journalists placed a distress call. The matter which was investigated by the police. Monitoring unit was later brought before the Commissioner of Police Imo State. The police commissioner invited the parties and heard from them and further directed that the President of the union should be invited. The NUJ Bus and the keys to the offices at the Press Centre were deposited with the police for safety, because Imo journalists threatened to destroy them claiming that the tenure of the 5 members caretaker committee headed by Francis Ebonugwo elapsed on the 14th October 2018. On the same note, Imo journalists called for immediate election, and a level playing ground to enable them elect credible people that will lead the council. The National president of the union honoured the police invitation and demanded from the police authorities to release to him all the properties of the union.
He promised to bring the waring factions together and to also arrange for an election for the council within three weeks. The police responded to his demands and released the union bus to him and the keys to the offices. The same National president accorded another right to the caretaker committee chairman Francis Ebonugwo and handed him back the properties of the union. One would have expected the Police to call the attention of the other parties, who also were the complainants in the matter before them. The police only accorded the National president the expected respect. But to the surprise of all journalist, Isiguzo who has been usurping the functions of the National Vice president, could not call together the waring factions. He has never visited the Imo NUJ secretariat since, he was elected National Vice President. He has not held any single meeting with any journalist(s) in Imo State.
President Isiguzo from every indication is hell bent on making sure he actualizes his imposition dream. He has directed the credential’s committee who are in-charge of elections in the union constitution to drop the secretary Vivian Ottih Esq. the reason being that she is doing the right thing as a lawyer and a practicing journalist. There is a press release online today 15th Dec. 2018, that elections will be on the 20th Dec. 2018. The President directed that there will be fresh sale of forms for an election which was 65% concluded. The vice chairman has emerged unopposed same as the Auditor and the Financial Secretary. He wants to cause confusion in Imo NUJ council, and Imo journalists will resist his plans.
Our constitution on page 26: “ELECTIONS” Section 1, states that fresh elections into state offices should be held 6 weeks before the date of the election. The Nigeria Police authorities should through this medium stop the kangaroo election being plotted by the National President of the Union, Chris Isiguzo, as well as a contrived credentials committee that was not selected in a congress of the union as directed by law.
This is very necessary to avert imminent break down of law and order within the Pen profession in Imo State. Over 300 Imo journalists are ready to stick out their necks to stop his impunity and brazen dictatorialism. “A stitch in time save mine”.

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