Restructuring: only panacea for Nigeria’s stability-Iwuanyanwu …Flays reckless killings in country

An elder statesman Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu says the increasing wave of loss of human lives and property in the country is the most despicable act of heartlessness.
Chief Iwuanyanwu who was speaking at the National Stakeholders Summit on 2019 in Nigeria Election stated that Government revenue that should have been spent on development is being wasted in fighting unnecessary enemies and war.
He mentioned that the first one was Boko Haram and recently the nation is confronted by the menace of Fulani cattle herdsmen. He said that these two events have created a deep crack in the unity of the country as there is general mistrust of which in his perspective is quite unnecessary.
Dr. Iwuanyanwu feared that if nothing is done to quell the issue before the 2019 General elections, the crises it will generate may plunge the country into chaos that may destroy the existence of the country. He restated that “the existence of one united Nigeria is very important to everyone of us irrespective of our religion ethnicity or State.
Chief Iwuanyanwu queried “who are Boko haram? Who are the cattle herdsmen? We have lived in peace for many years. We may have had some minor misunderstandings, but none has taken as much toll in human and material resources as that of Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen”. He called on the Government and the Security agencies to tell Nigerians more truth about the Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen.
Chief Iwuanyanwu recalled the late Libyan Leader Maummar Gaddafi’s comment some years ago that Nigeria should be spilt into two countries – Islamic North and Christian South and maintained that such a statement showed absolute lack of knowledge of the structure of Nigeria because both Christians and Muslims have over the years interrelated to the extent that it is not possible to spilt the country into Islamic North and Christian South. He described as very  strange the information to Nigerians that the arms being used by cattle herdsmen come from Libya and went further to say “I sincerely also believe that the bulk of logistics of Boko Haram must be coming to Nigeria through the same source.
Chief Iwuanyanwu believes that if Nigerians of all tribes, ethnicity and religion resolve to confront this monstrous problems, it would be solved. He said that since Nigerians are made to understand that the herdsmen who are unleashing mayhem on Nigeria as reprisal for the rustling of their cattle as have been confirmed by some of their leaders, their leaders should call them to order. He said this should be done by convening a summit of Fulani People to address them on the damages they are causing the corporate image of Nigeria and the bad name their actions are bringing to the Fulani entity as well as the volume of innocent blood they have shed. He advocated taking a similar step against Boko Haram in the North East.
The Elder Statesman maintained that since Lord Lugard did not consult any of the ethnic nationalities that comprised Nigeria, when he amalgamated the country, the founding fathers of the country decided to hold so many Constitutional Conferences and before independence, they agreed to have a true Federal Constitution that gave all the federating units reasonable autonomy to develop to the ultimate of their  potentials without hindrances. He regretted that this noble effort was abrogated by the military when they took over power from the politicians and replaced by a Constitution that created unitary government which is being practiced today.
The Aha eji aga mba Ndigbo said that restructuring as endorsed by many South Eastern leaders he consulted is the greatest prescription for the unity peace, development and stability of Nigeria.
He expressed happiness that the National Assembly is taking steps towards this direction and called on the National Assembly and the Executive arm of government to fast trace the restructuring before next year’s election.
On the fate of this country, Chief Iwuanyanwu said that its future will depend on the honesty and integrity of which the 2019 general elections in Nigeria is conducted. he noted that past elections in Nigeria since independence have been marred by corruption and advised all Nigerians to resolve to have a rebirth so that in the new Nigeria votes must  count.
Chief Iwuanyanwu called for the cooperation of all concerned, namely – the INEC, Security agencies, the Judiciary, Politicians and the electorates to put the nation first before their personal interest and ambition.
He advocated stiffer penalties to be meted out on individuals and agencies who will try to steal the mandate of the people either by corruption or violence.
He appealed to all Nigerians to help and build a nation they will be proud of and commended the organizers of the summit for a job well done.

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