PDP and the need to knuckle down for the 2019 general elections

By Jude Njoku

In the next approximate six months, Nigeria will go to polls to elect leaders who will take charge of affairs for four other years, as the constitution stated.
Now that Nigerians are at the threshold of the 2019 elections, raucous situations abound everywhere. Jangling with each other for egoistic scopes has become the most hackneyed thing in the whole of the ambience. Ranting and prattling in chimerical and Utopian promises have indubitably become the order of the day, to the amplitude that every aspirant feigns to be altruistic and benign. Worse to things is in the limpid point that devious opportunists in different L.G.As who claim to be leaders of different political parties clutch at this electioneering period to rake it in, by arrogating themselves to the seat of political gods – making the desperate aspirants to believe in their mendacities of claims that they have the power to lump it on the commonality to attain to the victory.
The most stunning thing that can engender ire to an impalpable degree is in the point indisputable patent point that most of these men who obtrude themselves during these electioneering campaigns are nitwits who in their usual ignoble mode to gobble would always remain bumptious in their execrable demeanours to pontificate to the citizenry. This simply tells that the hoi-polloi and the entire electorate should extirpate the idea of being seen as obsequious chattels by these devious men who are entirely cramped for sagacity. They should dispense with being doodled to an unwanted direction by these tricky men who for mere patent egotism, cupidity and avarice claim to be indispensable political lords and inimitable election juggernauts in their respective Local Government Areas. The masses should know that they have every sacrosanct right to their choices. And so, should wholly annihilate the idea of heaving to the wishes and choices of these purported political lords who in their postulations, use them to scrounge out money from the concerned political aspirants.
There is no argument, as there should be no modicum of dubiety in the fact that the so called political leaders and the rest of the self acclaimed political lords in the Local Government Areas and the state, have no sturdy interest for their parties’ forwardness, but have unrivalled interest of themselves in mind, since they see this period as a time for making up for their financial losses. Thus, using the minds of the citizenry as snarls to the aspirants, who in desperate bid for votes, refused to read meanings into things.
The real essence of giving out the tickets to any candidate, is to attain victory. Tickets to vie for any seats can better be described as swords to conquer and obtain something good for the party – victory. Tickets therefore, should not be won by any aspirants for mere sympathy or for mere personal aggrandizement of the seeming propellers. It should rather be for the effectuation of the great scope of the party, which is excellent victory.
At times, it is good to talk, and nice to counsel for unstoppable progress of things. But what about those who are enshrouded by bigotry? What about those otiose and obdurate fellows who are swarm with sardonic ideas? What about the superficially minded buffs who are insufferable? What about the fickle minded boobies who are raddled and riddled by nebulous ideas? Will they see the need for these conseilings?
At this point, I deem it much sapient to advert to the fact that our great party – PDF has not yet achieved complete cohesion. The battle is over but the rancor and acrimony still have noticeable seats among us. Without doubts, there is subliminal fraternization. The point is irrefutably limpid. It will not be a stick in my gizzard to state this overtly, as it is for the good of our dear party -POP. And without any intent to trigger the anger of these perfidious guzzlers who for mere egocentric reasons, would not accede to total cohesion in the party, to them, I, sincerely pelt in my good advice for total extirpation of the odium that leads to the ignominious philippic, so that the party can decisively scrunch her opponents in the forthcoming general elections. Either it is the impeccable Senator Sam Daddy or the dogged fighter – Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha or the erudite – Prof. Jude Njoku or whosoever it may be. It makes no difference since they are all sons and true sons of POP. What should matter much to all of us of POP, is victory and this we should always think towards without excoriating any of the candidates alfresco, seeing that such truculent act is derisively puerile and shamefully infantile. This is not the adapt time to wreathes for yesterday’s crime. To keep remaining in antagonism with ourselves is nothing but how safe will this be for us? What should be embedded in our minds is that, 2019 governorship seat is for Owerri Zone. Thanks to God that these gladiators/contestants are all from Oweeri Zone. Only candidates from Orlu Zone should be reprehended and their ideas reprobated, even as candidates from Okigwe Zone can still be accepted and welcome into the race, in compensation for their eighth year term that was truncated after four years of Governor Ikedi Ohakim’s regime.
To this, I suggest we annihilate any odious and deprecatory remarks against any of these our candidates, and entirely exterminate any act of egoism to ensure that we can get any of these candidates that can make us proud, into the fierce battle.
This should also be same in Nwangeie where for mere avarice and nonsensical trickery and gimmick, some unscrupulous people of ordinary mentality and substandard comprehension chose to avail themselves of this election period to acquire inglorious wealth by diddling out money from the two aspirants – the great Ugochukwu (Aku ruo ulo of Isu), and the unimpeachable super – Dr. Johnbosco Nkpadobi of Amaigbo Ancient Kingdom – The two children who laved their hands very well to be able to eat with the elders.
In this case also, I call for probity, honesty and rectitude, suggesting also for the choice of the right and credible candidate who can come out with a bang in the forthcoming battle. To go about this, we need to eschew acts of egotism, self-centeredness, egoism, rapacity and the avaricious quest for lolly.
While I admit that the two great children are laudably wonderful, 1 stick unshakably to the point that Dr. Johnbosco Ikenna Nkpadobi is the more credible candidate for the hard fight.
Dr. Johnbosco Ikenna Nkpadobi who was born into the rarefied family of Nkpadobi in Amaigbo, had his Primary education at Unity Primary School, Amaigbo, where he came out with distinction in the First School Leaving Certificate Examination. His avid quest for sound education took him to Bonus Pastor Seminary, Osina and St. Mary’s Seminary Umuowa, both in Orlu for his secondary education. In his usual incontrovertible brilliance, he came out with A’s in his West African School Certificate Examination. Following his marvelous exhibition of intelligence, seminary schools in their usual ways of propagating knowledge, had him retained to teach at Bonus Pastor Seminary, Osina for the real impartation of knowledge. Soon after, he left for further studies at University of Calabar, where he obtained his first class first degree in Geology, before he proceeded overseas for his higher degrees of masters in Engineering Geology and the highest degree of doctorate (Ph.D) in the same lucrative Engineering Geology.
Dr. Johnbosco Nkpadobi, an affable man with indisputable academic laurels/degrees, is a great industrialist, incomparable ingenious geologist and a wonderful engineer full of unimaginable admirable demeanours. His dispositions and unassuming nature are unique, just as his ability to exercise the tenets of competence of equipoise is beyond description. He is a brave man of inexplicable intrepidity who has the rare ability of evaluating any situation and promptly devises a new mode of dealing with it for different better results. He is a dauntless apt professional who loves acts of practicality for the developmental posture of things. What should be like of much of him, are unbeatable gestures of magnanimity, wonderful acts of altruism, incomparable mode of benignity and indisputable practice of non-solipsism. He is a complete gentle and humble man who has an admirable respect and immeasurable human regard for his fellow critters. The essence of God’s existence is always seen in him, because he has never ducked out of his responsibilities. So, he should without any hesitation/perversion be our unanimous choice for the 2019 political war.
It is pertinent to harp upon the fact that both the heaven and the earth have endorsed Dr. Johnbosco Nkpadobi for the seat of Nwangele State Constituency, 2019, when there will be cavernous divertimento of victory for the great party POP. But following the adage that “Heaven helps those who help themselves”, my adapt advice to POP members in both Nwangele and the State, is to – annihilate the very idea of greed and boodles and think towards the victory of the party first, remembering that there will be light and infinite sumptuous nosh-up after the election, – “Ori otumgbe a maghi eri”.
Definitely, it will not be seen as a fiddling point to note that for PDP to carry the day in the forth coming election, PDP should utterly truncate and extirpate in entirety the inhuman kaleidoscopic act of fanaticism, rancor, odium, anthropophagous and inconsequential idea of who had been in the party before the other, noting that the party will come out with a bang if it chooses a very diaphanous, blunt and honest fellow of high sublime professionalism like Dr. Johnbosco Ikenna Nkpadobi – a great industrialist who is into limpid lucrative business of oil and gas.
This is my candid ululation to the party loyalists, and this beautiful piece of advice is without any intent to engender conflagration of dust-up and tiff among the party members, particularly among the rancorous truculent and conservative fanatical sect, who in their rebarbative and cantankerous mode of life may come up with unnecessary brawl to be perverse to this super suggestion that will redound to the good of the party.
Above all, further egoistic penchant for boodles and extortionate gratifications and backhander from aspirants must be stamped out for the party to remain invincible and indomitable. Gossips and broaching of people in deprecatory and denigrating chin-wags should be wholly exterminated by alt the party members to guarantee the much needed success of PDP in 2019.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed. It is the intellect that shows the target, the will shoots the arrows.
This truly explicates that we should choose the right person who has ingratiated himself to the masses, instead of being like subservient dunderheads or duffers to choose who only the selfish leaders will lump on us.
While I keep my speech up my sleeve until the time it may be needed to quench and staunch a whole lot of bilge, my pulchritudinous exhortations to the good people of Nwangele, is to be hawk-eyed so as not to be cuckoos to the perfidious guzzlers who tether and bung up every good intention of the masses. The aspirants should also be advised to be wary, sagacious and circumspect in whatever, so that they will not be hoodwinked and deceived this period by whosoever, remembering that the artful men of OBT (419), particularly in Nwangele have staged a comeback in political cloak to bleed them white.
Aurevouir and not goodbye I bid everybody now, as I will write again with every acerbity and unrestrained precision in indicating the characters of any persons or aspirants, in case of any eventual riffling and piffling essay of rebuttal and confutation from any vacuous and superficially minded hooeys.
I am sanguine that Nwangele must be better soon and Imo State shall be good again. Then, there shall be interminable jollification by the citizenry who are jugged since the past years.
May we remain steadfast, circumspect and wary in the pursuit of truth.
To our ubiquitous and celestial God, I give every honour and glory for the reinvigoration and re-fortification of POP in Nigeria, particularly in Imo State

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