Need for FG, NASS to work in harmony

Most Nigerians have described as “triumph of justice”, Friday’s Supreme Court judgment, dismissing the false asset declaration charges against Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki. The apex court upheld earlier decision of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), which discharged and acquitted Saraki in all 18-count-charge against him. In a statement personally signed by him, after the verdict the Senate President while x-raying what he has passed through since his trial began noted that the country itself also suffered as a result of the trial. Senator Bukola Saraki may have won the case at last but the road that led to the victory was never smooth. From the maxim of “when two elephants fights, it is the grass that suffers” we want to note that those who were affected by the 3 years battle were the Nigerian voters who voted both the executive and legislature into power.  As the Senate President rightly observed while the war of his trial raged the Nigerian voters were denied good governance which the institutions of the country were supposed to be providing collectively. It is no longer a secret that Nigerians can’t sleep with both eyes shut as a result of unprecedented insecurity in the country. Poor, helpless and defenceless Nigerians are being killed on daily basis across the country but mostly in the North central region, while those that should have being securing them are locked in political supremacy battle. We must also note here that the scourge of unemployment has also tightened its vice like grip on the country in the last three years. Some analysts have attributed the rising spate of crime and criminality in the nation to the alarming rate of joblessness among the youths and suggested that the federal government should devise ways of creating employment for the citizens. Unfortunately, almost three and half years on the saddle the APC government at the centre has done very little at addressing this crisis. There are some of the issues among a whole lot of others which Nigerians had looked forward to seeing this administration tackling and finding solutions to and not these completely unnecessary altercations going on between our leaders in Abuja.   We are constrained at this juncture to call on the major actors in this drama to put a stop to it now and come together to work and find solutions to the myriad of problems and challenges confronting the country.   It is time both the executive and the legislative arm of government mend fences for the smooth running of the nation. For development strides to be achieved in this nation, a harmonious working relationship must be in place at the nation’s seat of power.

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