Imo political intrigue of 2007 will repeat in 2019

As political intrigues ahead of the 2019 general elections heightens in Imo state ,a pro democracy organization, Save Imo Future, has predicted that the political desperation, intra and inter plays that led to the emergence of Ikedi Ohakim as governor in 2007 will repeat itself in 2019 in the state .
The pro democracy group insisted said that statistically speaking the same way People’s Democratic Party and All Progressives Grand Alliance engaged themselves in internal and external desperate politicking in 2007 is the same way chieftains of the PDP, APGA and ruling All Progressives Congress are bringing themselves down now.
In a statement in Owerri on Friday which was issued by its spokesperson, Joachim Ikechi, the group said that while concentration is channelled towards APC, APGA and PDP, an underdog political party with a good and pragmatic candidate is most likely to steal the show .
According to the group “APC in Imo state is fighting to finish. The way the governor and the people who are vehemently opposed to his succession plan are fighting, the ruling party in Imo state may crumble before October.
Imo PDP situation is very unfortunate. The way senator Samuel Anyanwu and Chief Emeka Ihedioha are going about it in the main opposition party is very shameful. As we speak, there is a witty allegation of oath taking and barbaric activities in the party.
APGA in the state is the same thing. There are about 21 desperate governorship aspirants in the party in Imo state. All of them wants to win the ticket .they have started telling us how their primary election will be .they have started fighting and breaking their supporters heads already.”
According to the group, Mass Action Joint Alliance with Chief Aloysius Osuji as its governorship candidate is the party to watch in 2019.
It posited that apart from MAJA party being the fastest growing newly registered political party in Nigeria as of today, Osuji, is one governorship aspirant in the party who enjoys acceptance and cordial relationship across political parties in the state.
The pro democracy group insisted “MAJA party is the party to watch in Imo state. It parades one of the finest democrats, industrialists, politicians and administrators, Aloysius Osuji as its governorship aspirant and most likely candidate.
Osuji enjoys massive acceptance and cordial relationship across political parties and top notch politicians in the state. He possesses the requisite political experience and capacity needed to emerge as the next governor of Imo State.
The things happening in APGA, PDP and APC will be in MAJA party’s interest. When these politicians who are desperate finish destroying themselves and their political parties they will start shopping for a fine, pragmatic candidate from another political party who enjoys massive goodwill in the state and Aloysius Osuji of MAJA party will be considered most. That was how Ohakim emerged as governor in 2007.”

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