Village Lands Registration: Imolites reject bill, say its land grabbling ploy …Urge Assembly to drop the unpopular bill

The much criticized bill for a law to provide for registration of land in rural communities in Imo State has passed second reading in the Imo House of Assembly.
The bill which came up for second reading during last Thursday’s plenary is said to have passed second reading in the Assembly despite criticisms, fear and reservations including public outcry which greeted the bill when it was first read in the House a forth night ago.
While moving for the secondary reading of the bill said to be sponsored by the Majority Leader and member for Owerri Municipal, Hon. Lugard Osuji, the majority leader is said to have alerted the House about the barage of criticisms which the said bill has attracted both in the media and social media.
Nigeria Newspoint gathered the misgivings so far expressed by Imo people about the proposed law which many suspect could be a ploy to grab peoples land in their villages notwithstanding the argument that registration will give such lands in the villages value.
Some Imolites from Nigeria Newspoint investigations, are unsure of what will become the fate of a person if the government decides to de-register such a land like in case of a revoked Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).
They therefore asked that the state House of Assembly should drop the bill as according to them, there are no strong reasons for such a law now. Meanwhile the said bill is reported to be at the committee stage at the moment and could be passed any time soon possibly without even public hearing.
They also urged the Assembly to be on the side of the people who gave them their mandate on vexed issues such as the controversial bill for the sake of prosperity.

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