APGA primaries: Forgive our mistakes, Oye pleads with aggrieved members

Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), has apologised to party members, who were aggrieved with the outcome of the party primaries.

Oye offered the apology in an interview with newsmen in Awka on Monday, saying that the party’s leadership regretted the perceived flaws that allegedly characterised the primaries.

He said, “Whatever went wrong was highly regretted. It was not the intention of APGA to hurt anyone.

“As a political party, we are not proud of what happened, it is a combination of a lot of factors, but I take responsibility.

“For those who felt offended in any way, we are very sorry, we are not perfect people, we are human beings who operate in an imperfect environment.

“There was nothing that happened during the primary that was preconceived.”

He urged aggrieved members to bury the hatchet and accept the ongoing reconciliation move in order to foster unity and peace in the party ahead of the 2019 poll.

“We did not skew the process to favour anybody, we regret the areas we had problems, the success of APGA was top most in our agenda; that is why I am offering this apology.

“As the national Chairman, I take responsibility for whatever happened, it is not in my character to trade blames,” Oye said.

He described the primary election as “a struggle among brothers and sisters, where some people won and others lost”. “The leadership of the party will have been happy if there were no discontent. “Being an election, not everybody will be pleased, there are bound to be some persons who were discontent with the process and outcome of the exercise.

“What happened in APGA is not peculiar to us, it happened in other political parties,” Oye said.

He, therefore, urged the aggrieved people to keep faith with the party and continue to work for its success.

Now here this, In the spirit of reconciliation, This is the price of leadership. We must close ranks and march on. APGA will spring a surprise in 2019 that will shake the political foundation of Nigeria. We must accept our mistakes and match on. As Ndigbo, APGA is our identity. We shall not let it die!

For the aggrieved aspirants in Anambra State, take note that the Anambra State Reconciliatory Committee has scheduled to meet with you all today being Tuesday 6th November 2018 at the APGA State Secretariat. Pls endeavor to be there!

Biko nu, APGA bunkanyi, udodirianyinkpa!


Nchekwube, Tony Dunga Ezesinachi Amansea is the APGA  Auditor, Anambra State.


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