Frank Nneji: The task of revitalizing Imo economy

By all known indexes available, the economy of  Imo state is presently in coma if not completely dead and the state is no longer viable.* This obvious fact is evident in three shocking and unplatable economic reports which show that the state  is deeply going insolvent on daily basis instead of getting strong economically.
First, few months ago National Bureau of Statistics tagged Imo state’s internal and external debt profile at #103 billion and $60.4 million respectively. The internal debt does not include the ones inccured as results of damages on demolition gotten from the courts otherwise known as judgmental debts. In the last count the total amount involved in the judgemental debt was put at #70b and  it is still counting. But this impunitive government of Rochas Okorocha without regard for court decisions, rule of law and due process has continuously shown fragrant disrespect to the judicial pronouncements.
Not too long after, the economic Powerhouse of the globe, World Bank made its own report on states with Ease of Doing Business handy with our dear state, Imo, rating the 34th out of the 36 states of Nigeria. By this report it means that Imo state is not conducive for investments which are the easiest way a state can recover from economic challenge. When a state is at ease to do business with, investors seize the opportunity to flood the state not only to create jobs but also pay taxes to the state to boost its internal revenue base. The report further shows that things are dangerously gone bad in the state. In the parameters for the rating which include starting business, dealing with construction permits, registering property ,enforcing contracts among others Imo state is rated all time low.
Also Imo state is rated 22 among states with sustainable index. This simply shows how bad the economy of our state which late Sir Sam Mbakwe set on good economic footing with the establishment of 21 cottage industries and presently without anyone functioning has gone at the present to the extent it cannot stand on its own without the federal allocations.
It may not be surprised to get another damaging reports in a near future showing that the economic situation in Imo State has further nosedived as we have at the moment. This is possible following the financial recklessness of Gov. Rochas Okorocha.
In all Imo state is owing heavily and the conditions at present cannot thrive healthy economic activities to help the state in the management of these debts let alone resuscitating the government industries to be able to create jobs for the teeming unemployed youths.
A look at the dilapidated state of infrastructure in the state will confront one with this poser; what did the present government led by Rochas Okorocha do with all these monies borrowed on behalf of the state? Not one of the 21 industries established by late Dee Sam Mbakwe was revitalised. Not a single pensioner was paid his gratuity and pension since 2011. Not one of the general hospitals claimed built across the 27 is completed. Not one of the newly built precast school blocks in the 305 wards is in of the present administration is functioning well. Our water board is no longer running. The judiciary reduced to object for caricature like a toothless bulldog.
Record has shown that instead of the economy of the state to boom in the hands of these past and present governors like it were in Late Sir Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory, it has continued to get worst. While Chief Achike Udenwa plundered the state wealth with his godfathers leaving little or no debt behind, Chief Ikedi Godson Ohakim raised a bond of #21billion with the state still moving. But current government led by Rochas Okorocha ran the state to a stop with huge debts.
A cursory look at the background of these core politicians, two things are obviously clear. Of all the governors it is only Late Sir Mbakwe who was not a core politicians that lived in the state before becoming the governor.  He lived and practised law in Aba which was part of the old Imo state. But others who are core politicians came from outside the state. While Chief Achike Udenwa came in from Portharcourt, Chief Ikedi Ohakim from Lagos and the present governor from Jos, the trios were core politicians before becoming governors. If Late Sir Sam Mbakwe could perform creditably better than others it shows home breed can always bring to governance the plights of people of the state.
In other words to reposition Imo State for economic take off as tried out in the past by late Dee Sam Mbakwe a thorough homebreed whose business(es) is established here is needed by the people of the state. The person should be one who has the sagacity in economic recovery which he has demonstrated over the years. The man should be one whose prudence will equip him with the magic wands to turn around the debt profile of the state without relenting in job creation, provision of basic amenities, and paying the retired and active Workforce of the state among others. The man who has walked his talk and cannot add to the suffering of the people. He should be a seasoned administrator and a disciplinary with fear of God.
And the man is no other person than Mr. Frank Nneji OON. Frank Nneji is from Umuokoloukwu Ezuhu Nguru-Nweke in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo state. He is the first son of late Nze Calistus Nneji a retired military man and a foremost councillor that represented Nguru- Nweke ward in 1976, and Lolo Celine Nneji a retired nurse.  He is the founder and Managing Director of ABC Transport. He is also the Chairman/Chief Executive officer CEO of RAPIDO Ventures including RAPIDO Foods, the sole producer of Fibi Sausage Roll. This young man started business at the young age of 23 after his national service year in 1983. And the first business he established was RAPIDO Educational Services that was into supply of educational materials to schools. Most touching, he started the business in one room office with a staff but today he has established over 38 offices in all the states in the country and in some countries in the Sahara Africa with over 3000 staff. Unlike many young men who would consider relocating their businesses to Lagos where they would enjoy better facilities, Mr. Frank Nneji remained put in Imo State to grow into captain of industries thereby contributing to revenue of the state by prompt payment of taxes and creation of jobs. Because of the feats he has recorded in the Transport industry his name has become a household name in the lips of every Imolite.
Therefore any political party that fields him as it’s governorship candidate in the 2019 election will go home victoriously. That’s to say the least that APGA is lucky to have such a credible and impeccable character as an aspirant in the party. Since no team that wants to be victorious goes to a football match with its First 11 left behind, Imo APGA is called upon to do the needful by choosing to fly the party flag to victory. They say what is good is worth doing well.

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