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In the midst of crises presently bedeviling the Imo State Chapter of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), a stalwart of the party and incumbent transition committee chairman of Obowo local government, Hon. Prince Chidi Nwoke has cautioned all ARC stakeholders operating under the aegis of coalition group to drop all arsenals of war directed against the leader of the party and governor of the state, Owelle RoChas Okorocha in the overall interest of the party and Imo people in general. According to Prince Chidi Nwoke, the Imo state rescue mission administration’s chief executive, Rochas Anayo Okorocha is a divine project of the Almighty God who had never been suppressed by any circumstance or situation.
In a vigorous encounter with news men in Owerri, Chidi Nwoke bluntly, observed that the crisis within the ARC which according to him, was generated by the coalition group is an ill wind that could only cripple the ruling party.
“Those that have gathered in the name of a coalition group within the Imo ARC have no good intention. They are merely expressing their selfish desire and motive. They are making a mistake by starting a battle they can never win. The Rochas Okorocha I know is always busy thinking about the future and betterment of Imo state while his opponents and people of small minds are busy scheming for selfish interests and enrichment of their pockets”, the Obowo T.C chairman stated.
Tasking members of the coalition group to bow to the voice of reasoning by retracing their steps and putting the interest of Imolites above selfish interests, Hon. Prince Chidi Nwoke further, stated, “I do not think this is the right time to distract a visionary governor in the name of politics. There are lots of projects at hand now. Rochas Okorocha is constructing rural roads and the urban renewal project that are running simultaneously among many other things. All the governor needs at this point in time is massive support and certainly, not distractions by selfish political opponents”.
Reminding members of the group that most of them were politically nurtured by Rochas Okorocha, Chidi Nwoke noted that the plot against the Imo state chief executive and all efforts to undermine his relevance would soon, amount to an exercise in futility. “It is ungodly, stupid and cowardly for any group of persons to gang up against its torch bearer. Rochas Okorocha being God’s own divine project, is a light that would never be quenched with ease”, he added.
Explaining the circumstances that led to his conclusion that Okorocha is a divine project, Prince Chidi Nwoke posited, “I have worked and interacted with Okorocha for many years and discovered that he is a man who does not fight his own battles. There is always, a divine, mysterious hand at the middle of every fight which gives him victory”.
“When there was an air crash that ought to have involved Okorocha some years ago, the rumour that he was dead was everywhere. He actually was checked in for flight and waiting to board. The divine hand touched and pulled him back to his hotel before the plane could take off. This averted his sudden death. While we went to the Rochas Foundation School for him to present himself to his school children in order to douse the tension and fears that he was dead, he asked the school children this question, “when you heard that I was dead in the crash, what did you do?”
One of the girls in the school replied thus, “Daddy, the plane crashed because you were not in it. If you were in it, it would not have crashed and, lots of life would have been saved because of you. I did not believe the story and I know it will not happen that way because, you are a divine project. Nobody is yet to take your place in our lives, the fatherless, motherless and less-privileged. Our prayers are before God, making a remembrance of you to God”.
“Rochas, I know, is a man who does not rise or mount any glorious height except there are great storms. So, for those of you fighting him, you should be aware that you are not in any way, pulling him down, rather, orchestrating his glorious height. Since I knew him, no greatness has been accorded him that did not come with great storm. It is the storm that brings out the stuff he is made of. The very stuff Rochas is made of is a storm breaker. If you knew him very well, most of the time, he remains cairn and unruffled in the midst of great storms; and in the midst of disorganization, he appears organized to weather the storm. He is a man who knows that his success, greatness, glory and promotion emerges from great storms. For this reason, he fights to finish in the midst of storms. The prevailing circumstance in Irno ARC is another storm and Rochas I know, is bound to win. So, be careful in fighting a divine project, just like he (Rochas) will always say, “be careful with a man whose time has come”, when you fight such a man, you fight the owner of the project. In other words, when you fight him, it is the owner of the divine project you are fighting that will react”.
Well, I said al! the above because, when you think you have won Rochas and brought him down, you might be surprised the very man you think you have won is already, up there with .the glory of a victor. Those who have challenged or wrestled with him, thinking that it is all over and that they have won, I advise that you should not be in a haste to rejoice because, a divine project is indeed, a divine project. I said all these because, 1 know my father, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha”.
Hon. Prince Chidi Nwoke is the TC Chairman,Obowo Local Govt, Imo State.

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