Akubuo floats NGO for rural development

A renowned female legal practitioner based in Abuja from the Isu/Njaba/Nwangele/Nkwerre state federal constituency in Imo West, Barrister Doris Akubuo has stated her commitments to ensure that the good people from her federal constituency are welfare taken care of through her God given wealth.
Barrister Akubuo in a telephone chat with Nigeria Newspoint during the weekend said that she is prepared to assist the rural indigents to improve on their standard of living such that they will be self reliance and actualized their purpose in life.
She maintained that her aims and objectives of the formation of the Shelter for Rain Foundation as Non-governmental Organization is to provide homes for the homeless in order to give them hope for a living.
According to the Abuja based legal practitioner, the Shelter for Rain foundation was launched on 20th December 2017, for the purpose of building houses for rural dwellers who cannot afford to build house for themselves since God has given her such substance to use and assist others for his glory, stating that her primary purpose is to get the youths empowered with economic packages which will enable them achieve their dreams in life.
She added that already the NGO has given free loans to some indigents women in the federal constituency at least, have provided about, N50,000.00 to 50 persons, N100,000.00 to 20 person and about to give more to traders in the localities as soft grants for business, and also that many school pupils are given the opportunity to go to school through the NGO free education program while they have been able to encourage higher learning with the provision of academic aids to schools.

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