Onyemaobi declares for Oguta Assembly Seat … Promise effective representation

In his pursuit to give his constituency effective representation at Imo State House of Assembly, Mr. Gerald Okechukwu Onyemaobi has joined the race for Oguta State Constituency for the 2019 general election.
Speaking exclusively to Nigeria Newspoint weekend, Mr. Onyemaobi said he was moved by what he described as shabby representation by successive individuals who have been opportune to represent Oguta State Constituency in the past. Its very unfortunate that we’ve failed to get it right up till now. “Those who we had elected ended up representing only their various families leaving the entire constituency to fend for themselves” he added.
The resultant effect of ineffective representation, he insisted has led to many years of marginalization of Oguta people since nobody is there to speak for them. In order to check the continuation of this ugly trend, he said he has decided to offer himself to be voted into the State Assembly come 2019.
Mr. Onyemaobi who hails from Ogbuowa community hinted that he has watched with tears how each government comes and goes without ameliorating the  huge problems of Oguta people “my people are suffering on daily bases, some collectively task themselves to get some community projects done ordinarily was supposed to be done by government. These are issue I hope to correct once I got elected”.
He said he chose to vie under the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, having weighed all the potion in other political parties in the State. According to him, APGA is the most peaceful party existing in the State today and their chance of wining all elective position in 2019 is high.
Mr. Onyemaobi who is a notable business man said he is optimistic that he will pick the party ticket and eventually the main election judging by his good background and favourable antecedents. “We have given other political parties the rare opportunity to change things in Oguta but the failed. So,  this is no longer time to experiment, we’re taking over to effect a real change” he enthused.
He promised to replicate the good works the successive government in Anambra State has done under APGA if elected, adding that no elected leader under APGA has failed in delivery the dividends of democracy to his people.
He however used the medium to call on all sons and daughters of Oguta to get the Permanent Voters Card, PVCs, ready to vote in the candidates of their choice during the election.

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