Assault: landlord batters tenant

A young man, politician and aide to an ex-Commissioner for public Utilities and public safety, Mr. Christogunus Osunka has lamented how he was nearly killed by unknown gunmen sent by his landlord.
In his words “I was ambushed on the 11th day of May 2018 around 7:30pm, close to my residential gate by 3 men (one with pump action and two long knives): after they introduced themselves as security and I explained myself to them but they tried taken into the bush, they followed me into the compound as my wife opened the gate for them.
According to him the invaders ordered his wife to lie face-down, collected her phone and robbed him of his phone, ATM’s and some money. Even as the molested them at the gate, while his landlord and wife instructed from their balcony upstairs saying “they should deal with us ruthlessly for failing to pack out of their house.
Mr. Osunka explained that after he queried the landlord on why he should send assassins to him when he never refused to quit. Adding that the called him a thief; while the wife told him that what those gunmen took from him was “a chicken change”.
He stated that the following morning 12th May, as he tried to go out his landlord had changed the gate key and tried stopping him from moving out through the gate. Pointing out that when he tried to go out through the gate his landlord and wife descended on him and beat him blue black and leaving him with two swollen eyes and braises while his wife lost her teeth during the attack.

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