Imo ex-Commissioner, Opara-Ndudu declares for Imo governorship under APGA

A former commissioner for Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) in Imo State Rescue Mission government of Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha, Chief Nick Opara Ndudu has regretted his appointment into the government on the ground of the manner in which the state affairs are managed as a private venture saying the style has made the State lose multinational investors who had wanted to come into the state to boost the economy.

Chief Opara Ndudu during his declaration at the Owerri North Local Government Area Chapter of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) weekend, stated that he has to declare for the governorship because he is the most competent person to fly the party flag come 2019 general elections in the country.

He said that he has the experience to govern the state having served in various financial institutions and also head both private and public enterprises with outstanding performance and good track record which will enable him to combine the resources of the state to ensure good business environment such that will attract both local and foreign investors into the state so as to grow the economy.

The former commissioner who is trained Accountant from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, with a chartered professional certificate disclosed that during his tenure in the Ministry he was able to raise the low revenue base of the state to an multiple digits base of which the records of the IGRs of the state is still intact to prove his ability to turn around the state economy if elected into office.

He maintained that it was because the incumbent administration refused to take advice and also fulfil promises made to investors who sought approvals on some major needs which will enable them to settle for business that made the state to lose investments and businesses circle at such causes the high level of unemployment in the state.

He thus added that in Imo State there are many resources  which are untapped and which if explored will ensure that the youths will be gainfully engaged to contribute in the productivity of the state without depending on government as the only source of revenue of the state.

According to him, if I emerge as the governor of the state I will ensure that the three senatorial zones of the state will be developed as the industrial base of the state, at least I will ensure there is three solid industries developed in them. I will also base on Agro industrialization to empower youths on cash, crops plantation so that they will be self reliant enough to take care of their parents.

Chief Opara Ndudu said that the civil service will be reformed so that government process will always pass through it the way it was meant to be than allowing everything to be done in the government house without due process being observed, stating that the arrears of pension will be paid in the first quarter of his administration even as pension will be handled by private enterprise so that there will be no room for the delay of the payment of pensions.

The former commissioner further added that the security of the state will remain a paramount issue in his administration with focus on community policing so that there will be safe environment for investors to come in and invest.

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