Nigerian Youths are Productive, not Lazy- Samdaddy

As the statement made by Nigeria’s President,  Muhamadu Buhari that Nigerian youths are lazy continue to generate reactions, Sen. Samuel Anyanwu has added his voice restating that Nigerian youths are not lazy but productive and enterprising. Sen. Anyanwu was speaking to newsmen on the sidelines of President Buhari’s comment in far away London. He stated that the President’s statement is a reflection of the mind of APC led administration and regretted that President Buhari who benefited so much from the country as a youth could make such unguided remark. Sen. Anyanwu who represents Imo East Senatorial Zone in the Senate lamented the degradation and failed expectations the youths of Nigeria have suffered under the present administration.
He said “this statement coming from the President who should be a beacon of hope for the youths means that the youths are hopeless in this government. “I would rather advise the youths of this country irrespective of religious or party affiliations to rise up to this challenge and prove to the Buhari government that they are not lazy by voting out this administration in 2019” Sen. Anyanwu stated.
“A government that budgets less than ten percent of its annual budget to education cannot turn around and label its youths as been lazy, agovernment that cannot provide jobs for its teeming graduates cannot say that the youths are lazy, a government that cannot support its youths through interest free  loans to engage in sustainable businesses cannot call its youths lazy, a government that watches while its youths are gruesomely murdered on a daily basis have no
moral rights to call its youths lazy” he fumes.
Sen Anyanwu who is a frontline PDP governorship aspirant in Imo State emphasized that Nigerian youths and Imo youths in particular are the most productive people he has ever seen.
He informed that his interaction with youths across the State have proved them to be productive and enterprising.
“Most youths in this country have excelled on their own without government assistance and anybody insinuating that this same youths are lazy is simply been mischievous. “A lot of this youths have done impressively well in different fields of endeavors and any contrary
narrative is most uncharitable to them” he said.
The lawmaker said he knows youths in Imo State who succeeded in the areas of sports, newspaper publications, business, agriculture, music, arts, etc and have through these trades become employers of labour, as well as contribute to the development of the country. Sen. Anyanwu who is also the Senate Committee Chairman on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions  reaffimed his confidence in Nigerian youths, and informed that this confidence was one of the driving force behind his continuous empowerment of youths of Owerri Zone in different skills, and expressed satisfaction at the response of theseyouths.
He pledged his willingness to continue to impact on the lives of youths through his representation, while admonishing them to hope for better days ahead.

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