Man Died In Absence Of Truth

“The Evil that you adore today may deny you tomorrow” – DSM.

‘THE MAN DIED’ was a great book that has earned the writer, a global recognition, and made him to be one of the renowned authors of 21st century. The book was able to create the activism of self-expression, self-esteem and the freedom charter agitation in a dysfunctional society.
THE MAN DIED, galvanised many of us into fighting for the rights and privileges of the people of Nigeria. I decided to be in Nigeria, because I saw a mentor, who irrespective of threats, and the bad global image of Nigeria, still stayed to fight for the oppressed. Even when he was arrested, imprisoned, released and freed, he remained undaunted, and impliedly, became conscience of many youths. His dogmatic nature to ensure that Nigeria is reckoned in the midst of world community created a horde of followers, of which, I am one of them.
THE MAN DIED was like an opium of activism, a mind reset, the conscience builder, and above all, the ultimate choice of standing up to the TRUTH, irrespective of threats. For me personally, THE MAN DIED was probably the breaking point of my consciousness to stand up for the vulnerables in the society. It’s like breaking the SEAL of ignorance, and to have ever believed that, the evil I spare today, may find a way of reaching my loved ones or myself in the future. Fighting for evil vices today is not about a personal pursuit, but to ensure that both my loved ones, the society and myself are not victims tomorrow. THE MAN DIED prepared me, and of course, with the leading of God Almighty, through His mandate, and I began to understand that, the best of all humanity is not about a personal comfort, but the harmonious relationship between every human being. A pain to one person, should reverberate in all, and that way, poverty, hunger, enslavement and oppression must be exterminated, or best be minimised. THE BIBLE, THE MAN DIED and THINGS FALL APART became the rudimentary and insightful versions of my first spiritual alignment to stand up for, TRUTH, JUSTICE AND INTEGRITY. The inspiration to write and publish my first three great books: THE WHISPERING VOICE, MY NATION MY AGONY and THE SURVIVING TWINS, was the expository idealism I got from THE BIBLE, but with spices from THE MAN DIED and THINGS FALL APART.

I became so scared when the author of THE MAN DIED in his recent comments about the Devils in Nigeria leadership were total in disagreement with his personal attributes as documented in his book. His accolades of a deformed electoral system, corrupt infested regime and brandishing the youths as fascists were all baffling.

Yes, I am not a saint, I make mistakes, but each time of my falling out of my CREED, THE BIBLE tells me to stand up and continue my journey.

I chose to talk about THE MAN DIED, because things are falling apart in Nigeria, and the centre (author) cannot hold the good conscience and activism context of what THE MAN DIED stood for.

This same author talked about keeping silence at the glare of criminality, injustice, nepotism and bad governance system could create a society of man injustice to another.
The same man hijacked a radio station when the injustice and carnage in Nigeria were becoming unbearable.
The same man stood up for the vulnerables, and became a beckon of hope for the hopeless.
This same man speaks with the eloquence of masters, never compromised his dictions with societal immorality values and principles.
This same man was jailed for standing in the path of honour, and to this, he became a Noble Laureate.

Today, this same man has become a caricature of himself, a political and tribal bigot, and ardent critic of justice and good governance system. He’s now, a defender of evil in the same country he fought for its emancipation from internal enslavement. This same man has become the spokesman of evil electoral process, manipulations, violence, injustice, rigging, murder and sectoral attacks.

“The danger of old age is not necessarily in the white hairs, but a myopic forgetfulness that comes from emotional sentiments rather than wisdom appraisals.” – DSM.

How can a man whom I revered became so entangled with the evil vices that he stood against as a youth? It’s even more disappointing that such an activist could be in a national media chat to describe the youths as fascists. This present generation that are fighting against what he fought for, when he was of their ages, being described as rude and nuisance.

Before, I used to attribute wisdom to old age, especially to an elderly person with white hairs and beards, but I am becoming to doubt my own assumption. The least that an elder could do in times of anarchy is to call everyone to order without any emotional sentiments. Everyone becomes his child, and the children should see him as an upright father to all. Unfortunately, when a father starts to praise some of his children global known as armed robbers, but rebukes the innocent children as fascists, just know that the father’s morality value has been compromised.

THE MAN DIED was a celebration of victory for those who stood against the societal evilness, but today, the same author has reneged from what he preached several years ago.
THE MAN DIED was a celebration of good over evil, and that’s why the author was a mentor to many Nigerian youths, but the author has told the youths that they are stupid for asking for good governance system and credible elections processes.
THE MAN DIED was a celebration of morality values and principles, but today, the author has informed all Nigerians that, speaking from both sides of the mouths can be honourable, especially, if the person that must be supported is a personal friend, probably from the same ethnic nationality. This is the sad reality of a respected personality selling his reputation amongst personal connections rather than national ideology.
THE MAN DIED was a celebration of light over darkness, but unfortunately, the author has unequivocally became a praise singer, informing all Nigerians that certificate forgery, forfeiture of narcotics money, identity deformities and criminality are debasing only when his own personal person is not involved. The agony of the rise and fall of a mighty man of valour.
THE MAN DIED is a celebration of good conscience reminder, especially in a society where criminals are in charge of the laws and regulations.
THE MAN DIED is a celebration sight over blindness, and unfortunately, the author is now blinded to the evil executions of many government policies, but was very much alert to derogate the youths, whose sights are to pursue the course of actions that will retire criminals in leadership.

THE MAN DIED when his conscience is equally dead, and is a pointer that the author of THE MAN DIED may be living, but in actuality, dead in appraising the present evilness in Nigeria as acceptable norms, and to him, THE MAN DIED, but now, in the silence of INJUSTICE and BRUTALITY.

THE MAN DIED is the true reflection of the present day generation, where in the Churches, Mosques and other spiritual houses, the emphasis is no more inclined towards morality values, principles and standards, but a sermon that disassociates the preachers from their words and works in practical terms. We live in the opposite of the truth of who we are in real life.

Yes, THE MAN DIED as truly declared year ago is no longer at ease, and this is because, as at today, we are all living carcasses. It’s only the LIVING that will speak out loudly against injustice and brutality; indeed, it’s only the LIVING that will feel the heat of agony and despair, and consciously, stand up to find a cool shed to relax.
Remember that, it’s only the LIVING that will read this piece, reflect on the lessons and then make a resolution to champion what binds us together as human beings in the sincerity of our HEARTS.

God bless you, and don’t forget that I come in PEACE.


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