2019: End bad governance now in Imo-Okey Ezeh

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Imo State, Mr. OkeyEzeh has called on the mass media, civil society groups, cultural unions, faith-based organizations and academia in the state to get actively involved in enriching the discourse on a better Imo State and in the process of redeeming the people from the clutches of bad governance come 2019.
Addressing newsmen in Owerri on Sunday, the investment expert maintained that the situation in the state has become intolerable, adding that it behoves all stakeholders to brainstorm and fathom what has put Imo in its present sorry state, so as to get the state back to work.
Mr. Ezeh lamented that in recent times, the people have endured unbearable economic hardships. He said Imo people now live in constant fear of violent crime while those in power take no action to reassure the public and address their worries. He pointed out that physical infrastructure — roads, schools and health facilities – are in a shambles and in plain view for all to judge, even as he decried the ill-informed and misguided policies which have eroded the economic base of the state and impeded its productive and competitive abilities.
The gubernatorial hopeful highlighted that, “Accountability in the use of public funds is woefully lacking and the moral responsibility to account is completely denied the people by the government. The incumbent administration has been defined and defiled by visionlessness, youth unemployment and unconscionably high government debt profile. Governance in our state has been reduced to a charade and abuse of public trust now reigns supreme.  A correction is now clearly inevitable and the job to reinvent our state falls on us all,” Mr. Ezeh asserted.
He said given the vast human and material resources with which the state is blessed, there is no excuse whatsoever for the festering poverty and backwardness in the state, and assured that with a credible, competent and visionary leadership come 2019, the issues of unemployment, decayed infrastructure, dwindling revenues, falling

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