Samdaddy threatens to sack aide involved in hate speech

Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu representing Imo East Senatorial District in the senate of the National Assembly has condemned in totality the use of hate speeches in democracy especially in Imo State.
Senator Anyanwu during a press briefing at Owerri, stated that he is going to disown any of his supporters who engaged on the use of hate speech against any of his fellow aspirant or their supporters with effect from the day of the briefing.
He said he has been moved to address the thorny issue which is slowly and gradually destroying the very fabrics that bind our humanity and brotherhood particularly in the charged and power game of politics.
According to Senator Anyanwu who is a contender for the state guber seat; stated that party politics today have presented us with opposite of the events and politics of the glorious good days. Adding that even though we did not have any perfect period, our era has developed into a hydra-headed mixture of desperation, cash politics and hate speeches with attendant attrition and animosity leading to attempted murder and murder of political opponents, family members destroying family bond and unity, church members against each other. Ending long standing childhood friendship. It has even divided closely knitted communities, towns, local governments, zones in state into permanent suspicious neighbours and brothers within a state.
He said that since words and speeches travel faster than body language and actions are now made fastest by the social media which have made the world a global village. According to him a hate speech can by a push of a button be placed in the hands, eye and ear of the world in a second.
In his words “it is in consideration of this and many other reasons that I have decided to promote good brotherhood, neighbourhood and comradeship in my quest to seek support of all in Imo State but more particularly the governorship aspirants knowing that after election there is life because life does not begin and end in politics.

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