Buhari and Nigeria in two different chains

By Chuks Osuji

Anybody who sees the Nigerian political process as it continues to unfold since the emergence of PMB would not find it difficult to conclude that all is not well in our polity.
Yes, several authors and writers have conjectured why Buhari and APC won the elections of 2015. Most people believed that PMB and APC won because of the administrative failure of President Goodluck Jonathan. They may have a point. But that in fact was not the main reason.
There were quite a number of reasons why Goodluck Jonathan was not declared the winner in that election. I can proceed to mention some of them. In the first place, there was a grand designed strategy of concealed conspiracy to get Goodluck Jonathan out of the Nigerian Presidency. Those who were involved in the grand conspiracy included the then American President, Barrack Obama. His interest was anchored on the fact that deep down Obama’s background, since his father was a Muslim, nothing could have divorced him from being a Muslim or had a Muslim blood, body and soul in him. But his smartest behaviour was that he succeeded in hoodwinking Americans to see him not as a Muslim but to have double mind as to his religious inclination. Of course, before he became the American President, many Americans raised the issue of his Islamic background. But many did not care because they know that he could never impose Islam on America. Although he continued to manage this concealment well, but he gave up when he addressed Arab leaders in Cairo two or three years before he left office.
Records showed that throughout his Presidency, he did not fancy well with Goodluck Jonathan. This, when Goodluck Jonathan was up for re-election, Obama sponsored the grand conspiracy against Jonathan in order to isolate the White House from active involvement, the American Government under Obama helped to hire a well renowned Political Public Relations firm with the experienced in many African nation’s elections through whom every linkage between APC, Buhari and the American Government involvement were channeled.
The firm had an effective office with vibrant staff recruited and paid by the American Government. The firm designed, initiated and implemented all the dirty electioneering plans for APC, including floating the so-called nationwide public opinion results insidiously contrived to boost the winning ability of Buhari if only to cover other associated rigging plans. Another major participant in the grand conspiracy was the INEC Chairman whose interest was to see that power returned to the north. His behaviours and conducts manifested partially in electioneering conspiracy including his admission of election results of about two million votes from Kano amazingly without one single void vote. Two days on, Kano Electoral Resident Commissioner died in mysterious circumstances for which nobody asked question till today.
Another bunch of unpatriotic Nigerians who played a major role were those northern elites who did not have any sleeping night since Goodluck Jonathan became the president. They were those who tried to install Aisha Yar`Adua as the President while her husband was virtually dead in the Saudi Arabian hospital because, ‘they were born to rule.”
These were those who were alleged to have conspired with Prof. Jega to ensure that power returned to the north. This was the same group who held several meetings in Saudi Arabia to perfect the grand conspiracy to remove Goodluck Jonathan.
Another group that worked against the PDP and its Presidential candidate were some Yoruba leaders propelled by Obasanjo, the former President, who never saw anything good in almost every leader except himself.
Other collaborators were few PDP northern leaders who were part of the grand conspiracy whose functions were to help destabilize the party from inside by directing it on a path of costly electioneering mistakes. This was the group that supplied and leaked vital information which helped APC collaborators to continuously engineer the grand conspiratory plans.
Thus, all these working together definitely brought about the “defeat” of GoodLuck Jonathan on paper in fact not in reality of true electoral defeat.
With some Yoruba elders and their Traditional Rulers who played along with undiluted mischief in their usual characteristics of double faced political machination. Even with the personal meetings which President Goodluck Jonathan held with some top Obas in the Southwest and their “white-grave” promises, they never contributed anything to advance the success of PDP and its Presidential candidate.
The amalgamation of several splinter political parties which came together in a rainbow fashion to form a rainbow party with the sole aim to wrest power from PDP, having no ideology, policy, programme but with American Government’s directed propaganda hoisted a hasty packaged Muhammadu Buhari whom they presented to Nigerians as a messiah who now turned out to be a political empty vessel having nothing to offer to Nigerians now gradually squeezing the country and her entire citizens to gradual extermination through planeless policies and programmes benefitting only few members of northern cabals  in the Presidency and advancing the cause of Fulani and Islamization agenda.
Today, after almost three years of Buhari what has the country and the people gotten? It is a misdirected propaganda and outright government which believes in the principles of ruling with falsehood which are merely extended election propaganda which Lai Mohammed at the driving seat and as the head master because both the party and Buhari believe in him while majority of Nigerians don’t believe one bit of everything that comes out of his lie lie mouth.
In all and all, what did the country gain from Buhari’s Presidency? Nothing except abject widespread impoverishments, whipping of the middle-class and burying the low class, insecurity in the hands of the Fulani herdsmen, isolated corruption charges of few PDP leaders while making APC a safe-heaven for new entrants into the party and above all, general despondence among Nigerians from a man three times rejected but painted as the coming messiah that turned out to be very bereft of any quality of a leader in almost every facet of national leadership. The only result is that both Nigerians and Buhari himself are under chains. Here is the man few leaders want to re-contest to pull Nigerians through another “earthly hell.” Our only hope and faith lie on this simple statement, “we need celestial intervention to save us,” because, neither Buhari nor the country itself can break the chains.
It was astonishing to the greater number of Nigerians and their friends around the globe to hear PMB to announce that due to the wonderful performance of his government, he would put up himself for re-election in 2019. In fact, what he had done was to give effect to the several allegations that indeed, he does not love this country in spite of his successful pretences since 1983 when he maneuvered himself from third position in rank to the Head of State following the December 31st 1983 coup.
Pure and simple, Buhari does not only love this country, he also does not love himself. How could a man who admitted last year that he had never “been so sick in his life,” and that his doctors told him to sleep more and eat more, in addition that he had received blood transfusion as part of medical process, turn around now to say that he would run again to rule this complex country with so many intractable chains of ethnic, religious, political, security and economic challenges.
I have known it for long that one of the most unsolvable problems of Nigerian is “collective self delusion.”
We see the truth; we prefer to accept falsehood, celebrating outright mediocrity over meritocracy. We claim to pray and pray for God to help this country. How can He when our injuries and challenges are self inflicted?
Those who were clapping and cheering when Buhari made that announcement were those who have been benefiting from the enormity of his colossal failures.
At the age of 75, which is very doubtful, if he loves this country, he should have anointed someone from his Fulani extraction to continue “the wonderful works he had started.” He could not because he is just like a traditional king who celebrates around the market place with his full back naked, believing that the cheers and clapping were real. No. Buhari must know this “those who are clapping for him in error will be the same persons that will jeer him at his downfall.”
The critical but very vital question is this “if Buhari were to go the whole trauma of presidential election campaign, manages to successfully through INEC usual manipulation is declared victorious in the election of 2015, can Nigerian survive with that announcement? This is one thousand dollar question. Only God knows the answer now. But indeed, a lot of wahala awaits Nigerian in the future. And only Nigerians can avert such political unpleasantness, unless Buhari and Nigeria liberate themselves from two different chains.

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