Mystery: Three kids from one family die in Abia

The people of Nsirimo Community, Ubakala, Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State, were in a sober mood at the weekend when the remains of three children of the same parents were buried same day. They were two boys and a girl, aged three to seven years old, and their names Precious Amalaha, Chidiebere Amalaha and Destiny Amalaha.

They were alleged to have died mysteriously at their maternal home in Ohiye Community in Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State. Their mother who is known as Ugochi Amalaha, who is still in the police custody was alleged to have taken the children from their Nsirimo home to their maternal home Ohiya in same Local GovernmentArea on a short visit without knowing that they were going there to meet their untimely death.

However, the cause of the death of the three children is still unknown as at the time of their interment. But it was sad story that the mother of the children, her parents, and even her relations were not seen at both mortuary and at the buried ground, Umumba Nsirimo in umuahia where the bodies of the three children were laid to rest, last Saturday.

Though sources told our correspondent that both the mother of the dead children, her parents, and her relations were advised to be absent from the vicinity for fear of being attacked by the relations of the father of the children.

Under heavy morning mood the father of the late children, Mr Ezenwa Amalaha attributed the death of his children to the carelessness of their mother. He said, his fear is his own father, who is the grandfather of the children who used to be fond of the late children, when they were alive and wonder how he is going to stay without the children

Pressed for more comments, their grandfather Mr John Amalaha revealed that his son Ezenwa who is the father of the late three children had problems with his wife, seven months ago, when they separated and the wife packed out of her matrimonial home which was recently resolved, when the two families came together and resolved the matter. His daughter in-law Ugochi was permitted to return to his husband Ezenwa and take care of their children. Still in the words of Ugochi’s father in-law, Ugochi was expected to have returned to the family by December 2017, but ahead of the time which they scheduled, she came to the family and pleaded that she should be allowed to take the late children to their maternal home so that when coming back in few days’ time they will come together and that request was granted by the husband family. But after a day stay at Ohiya what the people heard was that the children were dead.

However, venerable Sam Kalu who preached at the church service during the children burial regretted the death of the innocent children in their early lives and urged the living to re-examine their ways.



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