Orlu needs Onyereri in Senate (1)

It is natural as well as cardinal principle that a successful pupil or student in school be promoted to the next level in the education system. Simply put, if you passed your examinations and satisfy every other requirements expected of someone in school classes, promotion to the next class is made perfect and justly too. This implies that one must pass class one before moving to class two. What is being insinuated here is that in all matters of effective representation, Hon. Chudi Jones Onyereri, the member representing the largest Federal Constituency in Nigeria (i.e. Nkwerre/Nwangele/Njaba/ Isu) has done creditably or. The potentials exhibited so far in the green chambers are enough to send him (Hon. Chudi Jones Onyerei) to the hallowed, red chambers. Also, as the largest Federal Constituency in Nigeria, Nkwerre/Nwangele/Njaba/Isu Federal Constituency deserves a chance in the senatorial seat for Orlu Zone. In the apt recognition of his wonderful performance, it is trite that the largest senatorial zone in Imo State (i.e. Orlu Zone) be given to a well groomed and seasoned representative of Hon. Jones standing. There is no doubt that this fellow will be disposed to bring his wealth of quality representative experiences to bear on the red chambers. Especially, now that the security of this country is being discussed behind the doors, with no single Igbo member in the Muhammadu Buhari’s National Security Council Meetings.
The oppressed people of the Southeast region needs quality team of proven egg-heads in the upper chamber. Meanwhile, the Orlu Senatorial district in question is unarguably the largest in Imo State because it comprises 12 local governments. In fact, going by Hon. Jone’s track records, it is clear that within the-eight years of his election into the lower house, the dividends of democracy has really been brought to the people of the Federal constituency. There are many testimonies from both individuals, communities and local governments under this federal constituency and beyond. This cynosure of the people’s eyes took a better advantage of his meteoric rise in fame to touch the lives of people. There were unprecedented dissipation of not only community social responsibilities but impactful constituency projects that will be recounted in the subsequent part of this seriatim. In terms of legislative inputs, Hon. Chudi Jones Onyereri has made enormous strategic contributions in reeling out quality bills. He had severally been shown to have introduced and sponsored several bills that were successfully enacted. As the Chairman House Committee on Banking and Finance, he has taken the fundamental role of legislative oversight functions to greater heights.
It was due to his high sense of appropriation knowledge that made the present leadership of the lower chamber display a rare attitude of continuity by re-assigning Hon. Jones with the same duty portfolio for the second term. This is quite in tandem with the wisdom in the saying that goes; “you don’t change a winning team”. Interestingly, among his colleagues testimonies pour out that apart from sustained gentle men, the sterling quality of team spirit is an unrivaled paradigm that made him outstanding in active duty. The reward for hardwork they say is more work. If the people of Nkwerre/Nwangle/Njaba/Isu Federal Constituency did not find this man a diligent representative, they would have not availed Hon. Jones a second tenure. And we all know that wherever there is a hardworker, you will definitely get a high flier. For this reason alone and a litany other subtle ones, the people of this federal constituency are at liberty to repose an unalloyed confidence in Hon. Jones as to throw their weights behind his senatorial ambition. It should not astonish anyone to learn that through several and extensive empowerment gestures this figure head has uplifted many people who hitherto were almost forlon in hopes of any survival means. Besides the popular youths empowerment gifts of auto-mobiles like motor cycles and cars, many are beneficiaries of stable and highly remunerated jobs in top government establishments, ministries and parastatals. It is the unusual for politicians to declare to the public what they have achieved than what they intend to do for the people when voted in. But, Hon. Jones can proudly recount what he has done for many people, before making further promises of what to do when elected into the senate. That is a virtue.
Evidently, within the two terms of representations, many lives were transformed from either poor or lower class to the middle and even upper class of the society, courtesy of the Hon. Jones connections. So many people of his Federal Constituency extraction and beyond have secured gainful employments, worn contracts of meg-bucks and secured licenses for lucrative businesses like Bureau De Change, customs clearing and forwarding. Naturally, it is normal that such people whose lives were so positively impacted through the magnanimity of this people oriented representative stop at nothing to encourage him for a higher aspiration. Any wonder why many readily troop out to support this new found course – the senatorial sit for the Imo State largest senatorial district. And, it is doubtful that there is any other person among the co-aspirants including the incumbent whose antecedents and pedigree surpass that of Hon. Chudi Jones Onyereri. Most importantly, Orlu Zone as a very large senatorial district is quite strategic in the political curriculum of Nigeria generally and Imo Stat in particular. To this end, it entails only a humble, accessible and approachable political entity to appreciate the pulse of the common masses that is being represented. A good representative of the Hon. Chudi Jones Onyereri’s caliber is ripe to be saddled with such a vitally strategic assignment, The post of a senatorial sit for Orlu Zone is very crucial and strategic that it entails only a meek, down-to-earth consultative approach from a home grown political figure that is often well disposed to carry the grassroot along in the whole process. It is stating the obvious that for so many years Orlu Zone had notoriously sent high profile politicians to represent them at the red chambers without commensurate developmental achievements to trickle down the real dividends of democracy to the grassroots. It is equally very unfortunate and unnecessary to repeat the old mistakes of recycling the bogus old breed politicians that only exhume the bell – ringing-names aura without much to show for it at the grassroots. Even in terms of quality legislative input, the upper house is not the place for ordinary fame seekers and selfish crumb eaters. It is not the job of the lilly levered political sycophants or neophytes who only spruce up to sit and watch the real match makers in the red chambers. The job of a senator is such plumb one that entails clever, intelligent, experienced, erudite, outspoken, fluent, brilliant, educated, literate and sagacious personality.
It is on records that Hon. Chudi Jones Onyereri had distinguished himself in the process of his several contributions in the legislative debates and oversight activities. For the obvious fact that he has excelled in the green chambers makes it naturally an imperative that he be allowed to ascend to the next rung of the ladder. The Senate needs Igbo representatives with sound native cum academic minds, benevolent spirit, people oriented, passionate, impulsive and consultative attitude as to be often constantly in touch with the needs and aspirations of the people. As a consciously marginalized region, the South East needs radical, revolutionary and astute politicians that will gather to agitate for the rights of the southeast people with pious hilariousness. We don’t deserve dullards as representatives anymore at all levels. Most importantly, the senate as the sit for the wisecracks should be attended by the categories of political elements that are quite abreast with the yearnings and aspirations of the people. It entails only the gutful political personalities that are surely devoid of complexes that becloud their integrity and diminishes the essence of enjoying the votes of the highly expectant electorates. The people of Orlu Zone deserves a quality representation in the senate this time around who will go there not just for sake of being there but to be impactful in revolutionizing the process of appropriation in the actual legislative businesses. This big senatorial district needs an indefatigable goal-getter like Hon. Jones to make the difference. Methinks, Hon. Chudi Jones Onyereri can through his svelte and steel characters now exhibited in the green chambers accord Orlu a raised bar of Senatorial representation.
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