Umuaka elders council resolves on 2019 elections …Demands State Assembly slot

Sequel to a meeting held recently at Umuaka in Njaba Local Government Area, the Elders Council through her chairman, Hon. Raph A.C. Nnaji, has resolve that Umuaka would produce the next Njaba State Constituency Representative in Imo Assembly in the 2019 general elections, to maintain political equity in the Area.
He asserted that Elders Council of Umuaka had deeply considered the position sharing in Njaba and discovered that the House of Assembly position had been dominated by the people of Nnenasa political bloc (Njaba North), while leaving the Local Government Chairmanship position for the people of Umuaka political bloc (Njaba South) over a period of years. He therefore advised that all their sons and daughters with any political aspiration in 2019, must channel such to the House of Assembly seat.
Chief Nnaji equally posited that the Elders Council deemed it necessary this time around for the Njaba State Constituency position to shift to Umuaka bloc, owing to the prolonged occupation of such position by the other political Bloc, Nnenasa.
Nnaji noted that the resolution of the Elders Council would not completely prohibit any Umuaka son or daughter with a chairmanship ambition from pursuing such, pointing out that their stand was based on political experience and consultations.
The Elders Council chairman affirmed that there were many advantages associated with House of Assembly seat against the Local Government Chairmanship position that can be terminated at will by any governor on seat.
He maintained that the elders had sat before now and came out with their position through a majority opinion process, making it effectively democratic.
The youth arm in Umuaka, represented by Mr. Hyppo, affirmed their absolute support to the Elders’ resolution, positing that as their fathers and elders in Umuaka with great political experiences, their pieces of advice could never be wished away.

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