I am set for Assembly -Sixtus Odinaka

By Nwokoma Ndubueze:

The Mayor of the Niger Delta region, Comrade Sixtus Odinaka has confirmed his readiness to win the Ohaji/Egbema state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly come 2019 general elections.
Comrade Odinaka in recent chat with Nigeria Newspoint said that he has all it takes to win free and fair election in the state and beyond, adding that having served the good people of the Oil Producing Communities in Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta Local Government Areas being the two oil producing local government areas in Imo State, it is his bonafide right now to represent them for legislative laws that will enhance their development.
He stated that he has been a frontline crusader who wanted the emancipation of the oil region from the shackle of poverty and the marginalization of the areas by strong forces in oil operations of which the mechanism to fine-tune the system he knew.
The Mayor who is an illustrious son of Obiakpu autonomous community which is the heart of oil in the region said that it is the turn of his community to produce the next honourable member to represent Ohaji/Egbema state constituency hence Ohaji bloc has gone two straight tenures in the state assembly.
He further said that he is going to the state house assembly to ensure that the oil derivation meant for the development of the oil region is given to them and also effectively and efficiently used for the development of the localities.

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