New Okenze emerges in Ngor Okpala

The people of Mbaisii Court Area of Ngor Okpala LGA,  have finally settled for Okenze Victor Agwulonu as their highest ranking nze with his recent coronation at the palace of Eze Kele Okereke, Okpu 111 of Okpala autonomous Community.
The coronation ceremony which was witnessed by all the nze title holders in the ten autonomous communities in the clan also attracted excited and jubiliant indigenes of the area as well as friends and well wishers.
Speaking shortly after coronating ceremony Eze Okereke posited that Okenze Agwulonu was the best choice for the seat of Okenze having received the support and blessings of the entire nzes in the clan.
He lauded Ndi Nze Mbaisii for exhibiting rare courage and total love for their fatherland in the process of choosing the Okenze adding that he was pleased they never succumbed to primordial or percuniary interests during the exercise.
The highly revered monarch and one time secretary to Imo State Government extolled the excellent qualities of Okenze Agwulonu as well as passion for community and human capital development in his Ntu autonomous community, Mbaisii Clan and Ngor Okpala generally urged him to sustain the tempo.
Eze Okereke while noting that Okenze Agwulonu never lobbied nor bought the position sounded it loud and clear that the office is traditional and not political and must therefore be dedicated to the service of the clan at all times even as he further advised him to work for the unity and growth of the body and that of Mbaisii in general.
In his acceptance speech, Okenze Agwulonu said he was highly honoured and privileged to be capped by Eze Okereke stressing that the action would spur him to do everything within his powers to ensure that Mbaisii is taken to the next level.
Okenze Agwulonu declared that he never lobbied nor canvassed to be choosen by his colleagues based on his trackrecord and antecedents in community service and promised not to relent.
While lauding ndi nze in the clan for unity of purpose and peace being enjoyed by the association, Okenze Agwulonu solicited the cooperation and support of all as they enter a new dawn of cultural renaissance, community and people development as well as struggle for the fair share of the clan in all sectors of life in LGA and State.
Earlier in a citation, Okenze Agwulonu was described as a man who had all his life been rendering selfless service to his people using his God given intellect and resources.
Among his numerous contributions include his educational empowerment initiative which  hundreds of students have reaped from since it was floated.
Continuing,  it  stated that he has also been passionately committed to to empowering youths of the clan with skills and employment in so many areas even as some of those who benefitted are now doing well for themselves and their families.

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