Renewed Fulani herdsmen attacks: Federal Government should be blamed

The renewed Fulani Herdsmen attacks in parts of the country, particularly Benue and Taraba States has again brought to fore the way and manner Nigeria is dangerous sliding into anarchy.
The marauding herdsmen had a fortnight ago attacked some farming communities in both states leaving blood, sorrow, grief, pain, anger and death in their trail.  The bandits had sent over seventy defenceless innocent citizens of Benue State to their untimely death, Just as report indicated that over fifty were killed in Taraba State. Only last week, the country and indeed, the civilized world were united in grief as the victims of the senseless violence were given mass burial.
It is pertinent here to point out that this latest attack is only one in a series of orgy of blood that has claimed over 1000 lives in the last three years. Before this we have had the Agatu massacre which left over four hundred dead. There was also the attack on Nimbo Ukpabi, an agrarian community in Enugu State. Indeed, like they say night would give way to day before one could be able to recount the sickening atrocities of the Fulani herdsmen.
Reactions that have trailed this latest blood letting no doubt have again made it clear that Nigeria is sliding into anarchy. Many concerned Nigerians have voiced serious concern that if care is not taken Nigerians would start defending themselves. The grim implication of every Nigerian resorting to self defence is of course better imagined than told.
There is no doubt that the Federal Government should be blamed for what is going on in the country today. Already, reports have said that Gov Samuel Ortom of Benue state had while addressing the senate Ad hoc committee on security which was on fact finding tour of Benue State blame the ongoing killings on the FG. It is, indeed, quite disheartening that, this mass killing is happening in the life of a government that has provision of adequate security for life and property as one of the three planks of its governance agenda.
It is noteworthy that if there is one key indication of president Buhari administration’s failure in the security sector these latest attacks are more than enough. How could the presidency sit idly by refusing to act on  letters written to it by Gov Samuel Ortom of Benue State weeks before the attack was Carried out? To  worsen matters neither the president nor his vice found it necessary to visit the victims of the attacks to console them and see things for themselves . We even recall the initial deafening silence from the president before public outcry forced him to start initiating measures to douse tensions.
We are calling on the federal government to, for the first time since this massacre started, ensure that those who perpetrated this attack are arrested and prosecuted. Similarly, Nigerians would also want their Sponsors fished out too and made to face the law.
Also, the FG should as matter of urgency overhaul the security architecture of the country. There is so much insecurity in the land and as it is today the country is sitting on a keg of gunpowder which may explode one day if nothing is done. This fear seems to be heightening as 2019 draws close thus necessitating this renewed call on the government to wake up from its slumber and address this Fulani herdsmen killings and indeed, the other numerous security challenges facing the country before it’s too late.

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