Ikeduru Can never endorse Nwosu -ex-Imo Speaker ..Says: Rochas is on “impossible Kilimanjaro mission”

Former Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly Rt Hon Kelechi Kenedy Nwagwu has distanced Ikeduru people from the ongoing endorsement jamboree on Ugwumba Uche Nwosu saying Ikeduru people can never be part of it.

Speaker Nwagwu who spoke in Owerri recently during an interractive session with some journalists expressed shock that Gov Rochas Okorocha is adamant on embarking embarking on a fruitless kilimanjaro climb adding that he  would receive the greatest shock of his life from that futile adventure.

The ex speaker who was reacting to a question on Ugwumba Nwosu’s endorsement by his people made it abundantly clear that Ikeduru people with their level of political sophistication and maturity can never desend so low as to endorse him.

He wondered what the antecedent the Chief of Staff boasts of and which he would be bring to bear in adminstring the state beyond being son in law to Gov Okorocha pointing out that Imo has not fallen to the level of being governed by a toddler.

The ex lawmaker argued that it is only the mentally sick, the hungry and uneducated imbeciles who are bereft reasoning that can support the project

He advised the CoS to listen to the voice of the people now that there is still time and back down from his vaulting ambition of governing the state as the indications of its fall is all over the state.

Instead of wasting his wealth further he advised him to stop spending what he had acquired in the government but rather save it and go home to rest as the dream he is dreaming is an impossible one.

He also took a swipe at Gov Okorocha for luring the young man into the impossible task of climbing mount kilimanjero even as he said he still believe this Nwosu gambit is a decoy from Gov Okorocha.

He said because he thought the whole thing was a smokescreen he is still watching their antics but quickly added that under no circumstance can Ikeduru people and indeed any other reasonable group or individual can support the absurd drama.


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