ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL MY GRIEF MY STORY “What a man sows that he Reaps” How true?


By Edna Okoroma

Editor Sir, I am constrained to bring this issue to the public Domain having tried my possible best, over the years to have it resolved personally and privately without any measure of success.Let the people know the TRUTH and understand how wickedly how callously and ruthlessly we have been treated and are being treated, myself and my daughter. Imo State on whose soil these atrocities are being perpetrated and now seek to have them perpetuated (rather than have them corrected), should know the truth, should ask questions.

So please publish this write up, let the knowledge of the TRUTH come to all Clergy and Religious Heads, and their congregation to all legal luminaries and all well-meaning citizens in Religious and Secular Circles.My voice is drowned and submerged, my physical person is attacked, I am tormented and tortured as lies, falsehood, fabrications are floated.Tortured to keep me down to weaken and destroy opposition and resistance. I visit the FMC for assorted injuries inflicted on me.

I am Madam Edna Okoroma (nee Asinobi), a retired School Principal (Special class), of the Imo State School System from Mbaitoli LGA.

My daughter is a BSc Chemistry/Microbiology graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), an acclaimed Grassroots Evangelist. We are both devout Christians. My daughter suspended her Masters degree programme in order to win more souls for Christ without any interferences or hindrances. She made a three-year plan for an Active and concentrated Evangelism.

She was preaching in taxis, buses, preaching to Okada riders and their passengers, to pedestrians and in Shops. She preached with every sense of commitment and dedication, of devotion, sincerity and

truthfulness. As she believed and lived out, so she preached and taught, with conviction. She abhorred hell-fire and never wished it for anyone.

My daughter impacted many lives as gleaned from her glowing Tributes and testimonies. She was called a Vessel of Honour, A Testimony, a Person fairer than her mates. A Growing Angel Groomed in the word

Ada Zion, Ada Ozioma Jesus Christ. A budding Talent etc.

3role My grouse Editor Sir, Imolites, is that my daughter, my Ruby daughter my Pearl has been callously and wickedly misrepresented before the appeal fo Doctors  public and the world. Examine this statement: What a man Sows, that he reaps; often quoted and widely accepted as a general truth. It is not SO and must be applied with caution and discretion. Many will say it l5 Biblical, but it is not always applicahle. After all our Lord Jesus Christ was presented to Pilate by the Jewsouting if he were not a criminal, we Would not have brought him here” What I am saying in effect, is there is a lot of UNTRUTHS in that statement, what a man sows.. Many honest souls have suffered castigation, false chastisement some locked up languishing in undesirable places.

We should remember other maxims such as “Robbing Peter to pay Paul’, “the End justifies the means’Give Honour to whom Honour is due Even in our own lgbo language they say it: “I lechaa nwa rim ma gi shi ya je kuru mmiri saa ahu”. Ruggedness, Crookedness are all imbued in these statements.

All of these statements imply INJUSTICE and an UNDERMINING OF THAT WHICH IS GOOD AND UPRIGHT, a castigation of the innocent.

What could be the desire for destruction and devastation! Pull him Down syndrome, a desire to deride bring disrepute, Countless are the reasons.

What is it that is said about man’s heart? But man’s Heart only?? Who can tell the heart of the Heavens??

This is what we have been going through Editor Sir, Imolites for over 45 years now, a callous destruction of our Good and upright lives of High Responsibility and Conscientiousness, nyself and my daughter, mother and daughter. Every effort is being made to ERASE our substantive lives of high moral standard3 Education, o r pursuit of that which is most worthwhile and Excellent and hen substitute them with immoral living and lifestyle never ever known to our lives WHAT AN ABOMINATION!! We are staunch believers who live out Scriptural teachings. We have lived among the people, worked with the people worshipped with them.

Is it not an ABOMINATION, SINFUL struggling to impose other peoples immoral life style, their practices on our lives of worth litheness, conscientiousness, NOBILITY!! Why misrepresent us??!! I am crying out to all Imolites and worldwide, whoever that is responsible for the scandalous misrepresentation of our Good and Noble lives, whoever that is responsible for floating all the lies and falsehoods, against our conscientious Good lives, instructing hostility and aggression, should stop it forthwith. We have lived lives worthy of emulation and expect good reward and not to be so wickedly trampled upon. I am a woman of integrity who never deviated in her wedlock, a school Principal and teacher who conscientiously brought up hundreds of students in London and Imo State. In London I was the only

African in the four comprehensive secondary schools I taught.l garnered commendation from Regional and Metropolitan Instructors of Education.

l even gained admission in University of London Kings College for Mphu ORIGIN:

Editor Sir, Imolites, | have attached herewith the compilation of immoralities and immoral practices and life style they have been senselessly struggling to impose on our lives. It is murderous. It metamorphoses me: it was compiled in London by the British Whites: Note this very well. I reported them to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and World Health Organization (WHO). Why mislead the public about us?

How can the perpetrations of this Abominable falsification leave off those to whom their immoralities and immoral practices apply and heap them

on our upright lives?? What greater INJUSTICE can there ever be?? The perpetrator castigating us has hidden from the General Pu olic, our substantive Iives of honest industry and high productivity and wants us to accept the Evil life style he has been struggling to have us icentitied with. Please guard us against BLACKMAIL.

Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said to me as my CaugnLel preached the Gospel from her usual Gospel Sport: “See ME I’VE RISEN”, and he rose from among the Hosts of Heaven stationed opposite us

across the road. He rose up up up into the sky (See the sketch).

See us Editor Sir, Imolites, See Excellence on Religion Se us, see excellence in culture, discipline self control. See us see Peaceful and law-abiding citizens.

The perpetrators of the Evil should explain to Imo State and the World, the reason for the scandalous representation of us and our lives.

It is an Abomination of the highest order; murderous! A CELEBRITY: My own daughter had the best result in her schol, JSS 3, Junior WAEC, after leading her class of over 100 students from JSS 1

(Third term) to JSS 3. She also had the best result in SSS 3 WASC in the group of the Sciences and also overall. Besides, she had prize s in the internal terminal results in some subjects as the best student. It school St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Girls Seminary gave her a truly Good Testimonial (see other Testimonials). Her fellow undergraduates called her A Vessel of Honur, a Testimony, a person fairer than her mates.

According to them, many will rise for coming in contact with her; we are glad to know you. University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN). She is also called Ada Zion, Ada Ozioma Jesus Christ Oku Ekwe Jesus outside the


Our Lord Jesus Christ called her A Budding Talent; the Lord God Almighty called her A Growing Angel groomed in the Word, Ambassador of Christ. This is in recognition, and acceptan ce of her Evangelism, her effort and diligence in her Evangelism. Yes ir deed, my daughter was an acclaimed Grassroots Evangelist preachin, in taxis, buses, to pedestrians and Okada riders, preaching to people in the

shops and her home. Our Lord Jesus Christ recognized her effort and rewarded her most majestically. He showed me an enla ged and framed portrait of himself in his youth as his gift to my da ughter in

recognition of her praises and Evangelism. Imolites demand it from the Lord God Almighty. He kept it aside and sent us to the hosipital.

I am a retired school principal who as both a teacher a nd school Principal brought up my students most conscientiously with a high sense of responsibility, commitment and dedication. I taught them

counseled them, taught them discipline instituted and organized co-curricular activities dramatic and choral societies Etiquelte re club.

I gave them an all-round Education. Who is the Evil perpetrator? Why associate us with an immoral life-style.

In London | was the only AFRICAN in the four comprehensive Secondary Schools I taught as an Employee of the Inne London Education Authority (|LEA) Both the Regional and Meropolitan

Inspectors of Education commended me highly in my first school Hammersmith Comprehensive. I taught Geography from 1- ( form. I was a Form Teacher whatwas said to be an honour. The intent on of the

Headmistress was to make me a Year Mistress in charge of all the classes of Year 1, Hip hip hip! Huray! But left the school desiring to see more of their school and their organization and tutorial.

In my 3″ school, Hurlingham, both the Headmistress and her Deputy were my Lunch break companion. After lunch we all retired to the Deputy’s office to discuss Art and Art work. Both vere Art teacher Madam Okoroma whose like they have never seer before.

I IMSU say sometimes they come together to remind Imolites should ask questions Editor Sir, the world should ask questions.

lives why do they not want Imolites, the world to know we are Good?? Forever I defy and denounce the Abominable falsification of our honest lives?? What is their own life like? sincere and truthful living out what she taught.

year plan in Evangelism. She was gaining honours in her endeavour, graduate of UNN, suspended her Masters degree programme for a 3-daughter my Pearly my Ruby daughter, a B.Sc Chemistry/Microbiology yes he commended me highly.

highly. The Examiner left, ever before | finished introducing the lesson Education. My Examiner from University of London commended me nad my practical Examination for the Postgraduate certificate in

started the trouble in 1976 that has lasted till this day. In this school I Testimonial from the Headmistress. But it was the same school that of Kensington, called me Queen, Mystery Inspector. I had a g00d My 4″ School, Ladbroke still in Division I of the Queers Borough witness World Art Exhibition.

time-table of the Head of Department who has travelled to New York to Specialists and | was working in the Art Department taking (are or themselves of their mbu anyi huru; some called me the Madam with a difference; those in Here in Imo State my students called me their Role Model, Bekee who have sworn to themselves that they must erase our good and How have we offended the perpetrators of atrocities ir our lives, of London Kings College for Masters in Philosophy (M.Dhil); My own1, Edna Okoroma (nee Asinobi) gained admission in the University Principal rtd.

Edna Okoroma (nee Asinobi) have taken my daughter, they should bring her back.

Imolites should speak; Imolites should known.

taught them in Mbaise Secondary School Aboh. MSS as it is popularly ask questions. PLEASE. They

physical body. It is destruction, devastation annihilation exterm ination.

and my imagination the atrocities perpetrated in our lives and my doing with our Noble, Good, conscientious upright lives. It is beyond me Let the perpetrators of the Evil explain to Imolites what they are

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