As OPOCA Admits  Samdaddy’s  Victory.




By Lancelot Obiaku

Let us go straight down to business. Over time, it has been proven that if the Orlu Political Consultative Assembly (OPOCA) ever speaks, it speaks for Gov. Hope Uzodimma. If it is silent, it is because its silence represents the interest of the Governor at that time. The man who calls himself the supreme leader of the quasi-political group has just been reappointed as Commissioner by the Governor. Mr. Rex Anunobi, without prejudice to him, has a reputation for sniffing around any government in power for opportunities. We usually call such a person a “political jobber”. He or she can do anything to either secure the attention of the Governor or to retain any favour falling off his table, no matter how little. We reckon that Anunobi has done well for himself in what Hon Patrick Obahiagbon famously christened “political hallelujaism.”


OPOCA in a recent open letter signed by Anunobi calling on the candidate of the PDP in last November’s Imo Governorship election, Senator Samuel Anyanwu (Samdaddy), to withdraw his suit challenging Uzodinma’s purported re-election remains a funny rhetoric. First, Uzodimma did not win the 2023 Governorship election in the true sense of it. If he ever won anything, it is, as widely reported, thuggery, violence, ballot box snatching, and result and certificate fabrication


. When people advance certain opinions, you need to be watchful to see their standpoints. All of those saying that Uzodinma won the 2023 Imo governorship election are either his adherents or dissidents within the PDP who have now left the party for good.

Responsible Imolites know that if the lawful votes are counted and called, Hope Uzodinma would be nowhere near victory. We feel that OPOCA, knowing the truth in this fact and the weight of Samdaddy and PDP’s matter, is on the futile voyage of blackmail and harassment. Uzodinma and OPOCA lack the moral standing to ask candidates from Zones other than Uzodinma’s Orlu Zone to withdraw their matters in court. This is chiefly because Uzodimma is Governor today against the charter of equity. Instructively, the Imo charter of equity is not the one birthed out of the Governor’s ill quest to make the State his empire. It is a moral burden on all Imolites with a sense of justice that had existed in their minds before Uzodinma’s controversial ascension to power.

If the Governor so loves Imo State and her peace and political stability, the most sensitive thing to do now is to surrender governance to Samdaddy whose candidacy supports the charter of equity being from Owerri Zone that has had no real chance to govern the State since 1999. Having not done so before the election and to date,


many will consider it nonsensical for anyone to ask the Samdaddy or any other person to discontinue a process of e


lection that usually and legally ends at the Supreme Court.

Among the major candidates in the November 11, 2023 election, there is no candidate whose candidacy represents the charter of equity more than Samdaddy’s. Having run a vigorous campaign, facts show that he won more lawful votes enough to make him Governor of the State. With his opponent also having allegations of forgery around his certificate, Samdaddy and the PDP are in



court with the support of not just the entire Owerri Zone, but Imo people as a whole to retrieve their mandate and return Imo to the path of peace and political stability which are what any chapter of equity, initiated with sincerity anywhere around the world, would aim to achieve.

OPOCA by its recent ma

dness is sending a message, and the right one at that, that Samdaddy is the rightf

ul winner of the election either on the grounds of legitimate votes or Uzodinma’s ineligibility to be on the ballot. Samdaddy will on

ly stop at the Supreme Court in his quest for justice and OPOCA has literally given him and his

supporters more confidence to pursue this noble cause to a logical conclusion.


Kaa Anyanwu Chia n’Imo.

Lancelot Obiaku is the Director-General, Imo PDP New Media Directorate.


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