Uzodinma Must Prove Doubting Thomases Wrong.

The recent announcement by the  Imo State governor, Sen Hope Uzodinma, to the effect that his administration would soon conduct local government elections, has received more knocks than kudos by both critics and admirers of the governor alike.
It however, apoears  that an atmosphere of pessimism has rent the air in Imo, following fears that the recent announcement may end up as the previous ones which, in the view of some Imolites, did not produce any result.
Following the announcement,
the Imo State Chapter of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,
took a swipe on Governor Uzodinma describing the proposed local government polls as “another ruse;” at best,     ” deceit.”  Imo PDP hinged its criticism on the alleged failure of the governor  to live up to a similar promise in the past.
The issue of Imo local government elections as proposed by Governor Uzodinma, including his recent appointment of sole administrators, solads, for the 27 LGAs in Imo, has also been trending on radio programmes where opinions are divided over the governor’s commitment  to actually conducting free and fair local government polls, as well as the illegality of the use solads that are not supported by any constitutional provisions.
Whatever the reactions are, it is trite that  functional local governments are sine-qua-non to enhancing rural development and grassroots participation in governance that in turn, deepen democracy.
In fact the ranging insecurity in the Nigeria has been partly attributed to perceived failing  local government system.
Again, the idea of bringing government close to the people is being defeated in so far as state governments keep jumping up and down with local governments as though they are medals won at the Olymp
Against this backdrop, we urge the governor, Sen Hope Uzodinma, to prove his critics, naysayers and doubting Thomases wrong, by
 that the recently proposed Imo local government elections, is pursued to its logical conclusion.


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