We Must Teach Our Youth To Obey Court Orders

Every nation in the world has rules and regulations that govern them.  Every country is governed by its constitution.  The Judiciary is very important because they are designated to interpret, define, and protect our constitution and laws.  Raising my four boys as they became teenagers, exposed to crime, peer pressure, and acting out, I always reminded them to obey the law and ask questions if they had any.  I also made it clear to my sons that if you commit the crime you must do the time, just like my parents told us growing up.  They were told  not to waste a telephone call trying to reach me because I was not coming to bail them out.

With that all explained and understood, I never had any problems with my boys growing up.  Things are very different today compared to when we all grew up in Owerre.  The lawlessness of some of our youths cannot be ignored anymore.  Our youths think by running away from home and hiding when they violate the law, they will always avoid paying the price for their crime.  Our courts are there to protect both the guilty and the innocent citizens of our community.  The courts interpret the laws of our land and they decide who is innocent and who is guilty based on the evidence presented.  We must teach our youths to respect our courts, judges, and the laws of our land.

In every country in the world, a court injunction is a court injunction.  For a lay person like me, a court injunction simply means STOP and do not continue with the process in question.  If one does not understand a court order then please ask your Attorney for a better explanation.  It is not very smart for any citizen to disobey a court injunction just because they think they are in power and hence above the law.  No one should be above the law.  My husband’s aunt once told me that though she couldn’t speak or understand the English language, that when a conversation is going on smoothly and one party uses the word “but”, she knew immediately that the conversation was going backwards.  According to her understanding of the English language, the word “but” means trouble and everything discussed was going back.

So, my humble understanding of the word “signed court injunction” means whatever process, action, or activity in question must be stopped until further notice.  I understand that very clearly.  As a community we must jointly make sure our youths understand the meaning of a signed, stamped court injunction or I humbly anticipate some problems in the future for all of them.

As always, I humbly remain,

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