Be Dedicated, Resilient In Worship Of God -Daddy Hezekiah …2024 will not be easy,hard taking events to increase

Christians in Nigeria and all over the world have been called upon not to be casual, lazy or exhibit non challant attitude towards worshipping God in the year 2024 .
The year will not be an easy one: death, tragedies, sicknesses, wickedness, hard times, accident, hardship temptations, kidnapping, assassinations, hard raking events will be on the increase.
Christians should pray against heart breaking, deaths(untimely death) Christians are enjoined also not to fear 2024 rather to be aggressive in the worship of God and optimistic that the God that conquered 2023 is on the throne.
God will always shield His children and will always stay before and behind them while his children are protected at the middle.
These prophecies were made by His Grace, the Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah,Founder, Leader and Arch Bishop of Living Christ Mission Inc. and Chancellor, Hezekiah University, Umudi , Nkwerre LGA in Imo state.
Daddy Hezekiah made the spiritual declarations during the first January service of the church at the Administrative Headquarters of the Church at Onitsha, Anambra State.
He told Christians to endeavour to maintain a strong personal relationship with God through faithfulness, holiness, righteousness, and pray fervently, being consistent with God at all times as God is able to take care of every situation and circumstances.
He warned Christians to avoid involvement or engagements and plans against the innocent, to desist from fraudulent activities, 419, evil gang, fake drugs, robbery, sin and dirty activities in 2024.
The man of God also tasked them to avoid bad friends. To make the Bible their companion, Jesus Christ their best friend. He stated that for Christians to succeed in the year 2024, one must apply courage, caution, patience,tolerance, endurance, long suffering, humility and kindness.
The Prophet pleaded with Christians not to lose hope in the face of hopelessness but to run to God in prayers for solace and solution.
Preaching his new year message,he read from the books of Psalm 109, Luke 9, Proverbs 8, Psalm 89, Psalm 119, 2 Chronicles 15 and Deuteronomy 8.
He enjoined Christians to work out their salvation, to soberly reflect on how they lived their lives in 2023 and make amendments where necessary.
“Avoid fighting the righteous, avoid partaking in deadly and evil plans against the innocent”,he counseled
He noted that wickedness in man will multiply by the day but he assured Christians that the wicked will never go unpunished, while it shall be well with the righteous.
“God is no respecter of person rather He honours those that honours Him and lightly esteem the proud. He urged Christians to always confess their sins to God and aim towards living a perfect life.
He lamented over the killings of hundreds of Christians at Plateau state, the rate of hunger, kidnapping, hardship, suffering, insensitivity of our political rulers, injustice etc. and he consoled Christians to cleave to God Almighty through prayers, reading their bible and practicing the word of God as God is their encouragement, hope in ages past and hope for years to come and with him all things are possible. He emphasized on the need for one to exhibit righteousness as it is the key to great success, joy, prosperity, happiness, solution and the only link with God Almighty.
The great prophet of God whose prophecy has fulfilled with precision over the years admonished children of God to desist from gossip and evil talk, as a fools lips bring strife and his ruin. He urged them not to be distracted but be focused, objective, observative and pay attention to God’s words and programmes to attract God’s blessings, miracles, healing, mercies, authority, build their faith in God. He enjoined them not to join the bandwagons of the wicked, to desist from pretence, tricks, to involve in activities that will attract the blessings and presences of God.
He assured them that it shall be well with the righteous but shall never be well with the wicked as they will reap whatever they sow.
In a closing remark made to mark the end of the 40 years anniversary of Living Christ Mission celebration, by Her Eminence, Distinguish Ambassador Princess Samuel Onyinyeomachukwu,MON, Executive President of the church with profound joy and gladness appreciated God Almighty for a successful, glorious and victorious 40th anniversary celebration as 2023 was indeed a year to be remembered in the annuals of the great church. She thanked God for His Faithfulness, love and great mercies to the great church as Living Christ Mission have really achieved so much.
Princess Onyinyeomachukwu on behalf of the church described His Grace, the Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah as the Hero and Icon of Living Christ Mission’s 40th anniversary, a beacon of hope, reliable compass and light, a distinguished Ambassador of godliness, whose teachings have transformed Christendom. He is a perfect Father and exemplary leader who believes in justice, equity and fairness at all times. A warrior of Jesus Christ who is winning uncountable souls for God Almighty. A great philanthropist, A great prophet who God has used to perform unusual miracles. A man of immeasurable transparently, incalculable sense of decency, faultless character, deeply anchored on unprecedented honesty, simplicity and proven integrity. A core educationist and replica of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. He has numerous achievements to his credit and glory of God, Notable among which are the establishment of 75,000 and 55,000 seating capacity temples in Onitsha, Anambra state and Nkwerre, Imo State without any form of levy. He is the Chancellor Hezekiah University Umudi Nkwerre, Imo State, the University of the moment charging the lowest tuition fees among private University in Nigeria, to mention a few.
In a vote of thanks, living Christ Mission highly commended Her Great Eminence, Distinguished Ambassador Princess Onyinyeomachukwu for her ingenuity, amazing vision, doggedness, her great sense of initiative, selfless dedication and exemplary leadership as the Executive President of the church, her proactiveness which contributed mightily in making the church 40th anniversary celebration a great reality. She is a role model, a mover, whose alluring quantities have made much impact on the great church, transformed, revitalize lives of individuals, groups and wings. The church blessed her and prayed for God to elevate her to a greater level in 2024.

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