Imo Journalist’s Son Escapes By Whiskers From  Kidnappers’ Clutches

A Journalist and  Senior staff of Imo state owned Radio station,IBC,Mr Reginald Mbajunwa has thanked God for the miraculous escape of his son,Nzubechi from Herdsmen Kidnappers,few days ago.

In his words,”My son was going for Crossover night service,between Avu and Obinze communities ,he climbed an  Okada of a Hausa boy.

Along the way the Okada boy fell down and his cohorts came out from the bush and fired gun sporadically and took hold of my son”,stated .

“When they called me and demanded for N5 million naira.I asked them not to harm him that I will look for the money; and  I got my church members to go into prayers.”Within  three  hours, my wife called me on telephone to say that  my son had  escaped from the bastards.God fought them . Even with his hands tied,he fought them like wounded lion” .

His shouts attracted a  police man on night security at Mangero water company.They called me and I invited the Obinze vigilante who accompanied me to the place.

That’s the sad and good news in brief

“He boarded Okada at Avu to Obinze around 6.38pm.

In less than  four  minutes ride, the Okada boy fell down and the Fulani Herdsmen came out and picked my son into the forest.

They were taking him to Nekede where they usually  kill people and harvest their organs,if you don’t pay the ransom on time.

“God manifested his powers in a mysterious way . Empowered my son who now fought the kidnappers and over powered them.He tore their shirts and  was able to run to Mangero water company, where the police man on duty  there rescued him.

“My son gave him my wife’s Telephone  number and he informed my wife that my son was there, now with him.My wife  called me and I quickly mobilized Obinze vigilante who accompanied me to Mangero water company and collect my son, Nzubechi.To God be the glory”,Mbajunwa narrated.

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