Uzodinma’s Many Blunders, Imo People will Never Forget

By Ikenna Onuoha

When blunder appears big, it means it has gotten to its chronic stage where failure, shame and embarrassment are inevitable.

Every average Imo person can certainly affirm that what is being experienced in the state today is not democratic government but despotic and tyrannical junta. Imo state is gradually going down the drain, virtually every landmark projects have been either parcilated and given out to cronies or utterly destroyed.

Imo state today has become the hub of dangerous threats, intimidation, harassment, molestation and filled with cultism and grandstanding. Everyone is panicky and sleeping with one eye widely open for fear of the unknown.

However, on assumption of office as Governor of Imo State in January 15, 2020, Senator Hope Uzodinma, rather than consolidating on the sterling achievements of his predecessors, he allowed personal interest to becloud his sense of reasoning which necessitated most of his pitiable and outrageous blunders.

These blunders allegedly committed by Senator Uzodinma since his assumption included but not limited to the demolition of Imo International Convention Center (IICC), Imo State Presidential Lodge, selling of Nekede Zoo, Leasing of Imo Transport Company Limited (ITC), abandonment of Concorde Hotel, and destruction of landmark artifacts within Owerri capital city. Though, still under investigation.

It is also on record that Uzodinma has allegedly failed to pay Civil servants, Pensioners in the last 40 months, his frustration of Imo workforce has led to the sudden death of over twenty persons.

Another blunder: Uzodinma has allowed the roof of the gigantic Secretariat built by his predecessor, Chief Achike Udenwa, and renovated by Chief Rochas Okorocha to continue to leak, since his assumption of office, no structure at the Secretariat has been maintained. Today in Imo, offices of Commissioners are leaking anytime it rains. Over 95% of his numerous SAs, and SSAs do not have any office, virtually all of them are roving round the streets looking for available Beer Parlours to use for the “discharge” of their functions.

Another blunder: Vehicles purchased by the past administrations and allocated to former appointees were allegedly snatched from them in more controversial circumstance where majority of them including his former Special Adviser on Political Matters, one Nwadike were almost strangled. The government of Uzodinma is owing appointees over eight months salary andl allowances yet, his super Special Adviser on Special Duties is living in affluence with over 4 luxury projects going on simultaneously.

Another blunder: The government of Uzodinma had claimed that it has trained over 25, 000 youths on “Skill up” exercise but refused to disclose to Imo people names of beneficiaries. Report has it that after the so called and purported training, only four persons were seen brandishing their fairly used alaba refurnished laptop.

Quite recently, Uzodinma widely lied to the world that his government was liaising or negotiating with companies to secure employment for over 4000 Imo youths in Europe and Canada respectively. This empty promise received wide condemnation and allegedly disowned by same government. What a blunder!

Another blunder: few months ago, a letter also leaked that Uzodinma and his government are allegedly diverting N91, 600, 000 (Ninety one million, and six hundred thousand) every month from each LGA account. When this huge sum is multiplied by 27 LGAs in the state, it therefore means that Uzodinma diverts over N2.4 billion from LGAs funds every month.

Another blunder: a week ago, a letter also leaked that Uzodinma and his outgoing administration have booked all hotels in Imo state ahead of the November 11 Governorship election in the state. While reports have it that the action was to block election observers, Civil Society Organizations and leaders of political parties from having access to hotel rooms on arrival in Imo state for election monitoring.

Political pundits are wondering why such hasty and desperate decision was taken few days to the November  poll, not minding the huge sum such fruitless decision would cost Imo state. Some economics assert that such unintelligent decision would cost the state over N5 billion; this is at the heels of debilitating and excruciating hunger, anguish and starvation occasioned by nonpayment of salaries, insecurity and bad governance.

Most horrible, barely four days ago, there was a global embarrassment against an Imo son and President of Nigeria Labour Congress,NLC, Comrade Joe Ajaero in Owerri. According to reports, the Labour leader was in the state to lead a harmless protest against Imo state government for owing workers over four  months salary arrears and pension.

Reports indicate that the assault on Joe Ajaero was allegedly carried out by Imo state government and spearheaded by the Governor’s Adviser on Special Duties, one Chinasa.

Both NLC and TUC have declared nationwide indefinite strike and demanded the immediate redeployment of Police Commissioner, the Area Commander and sack of Uzodinma’s Aide, Nwaneri respectively.

Presently, Imo state is sitting  on a  keg of gun power and awaiting explosion. Anything less than voting against the APC government in the state is indeed an unimaginable blunder against Imo people.

By so doing, we shall be expecting Imo of our collective dreams!


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