Bishop R. Udeh Consecrated  ArchBishop by  Prelate Nwosu During Thanksgiving Service In Imo

By Coleman Anaele

It was a delightful moment for both the  Udeh family/Ubowalla village in particular and  the entire  Emekuku Community in Owerri North LGA when on September 30,2023 the founder of The Redeemed Reconciliation Church of God Inc. Most Rev. Reginald Osonwa Udeh elevated and consecrated from being a Bishop  to an ArchBishop in the Pentecostal  Ministeries   by the  Prelate, His Eminence,  Prof.Chiemela Anuzu Nwosu, under the Apostolic Bishops and Gospel Ministers Network International which brought  in attendance Christian faithful, clerics of various denominations, as well as government representatives,  traditional rulers, creme de la creme to the event held at his family compound in Ubowalla Emekuku in Owerri North LGA of Imo State.

Bishop Udeh’s episcopal elevation to an ArchBishop made him the first Emekuku indigine  to have attained such  position in the Pentecostal Christiandom. While  His Grace, Most Rev. AJV Obinna rtd. was the first Emekuku Catholic  born  ArchBishop of Roman Catholic  Ecclesiastical province of Owerri Diocese.

The guests were delighted to learn that Emekuku which played host and received strangers and visitors, including paving the way for the early foreign missionaries to establish the first Catholic church  in Emekuku had the land  blessed and consecrated that have produced great men and women in wealth and in riches till the present time.

The consecration of Bishop  Udeh as an Archbishop , PhD holder was done inside his  chapel conducted by the Prelate  behind the public glance as the tradition,though witnessed by a few selected persons, and he was thereafter led back to the arena where he  acknowledged cheers from the crowd.

The Prelate, His Eminence, Prof. Chiemela Nwosu, delivering his homily, spoke on the attributes that qualifies one who is desiring for the office of a Bishop, while citing the Holy Scripture according to First Timothy, Chapter 3 vs 1—7, to include; “A Bishop must be blameless, etc.

The Prelate summerized his sermon, when he recalled  that, whoever  seeks the office of a Bishop, but is not married has a big error. He emphatically said, such person is  ‘fake’ because he went against the word of God.

He enjoined the people to embrace  the words from the scripture ,to observe and to do them. He warned his audience to forego their  church doctrines which  may lead any one  astray, but should be seen to observe and exercise the words of God according to the holy scripture.

On that premise, the Prelate enthused  that, Bishop Udeh whom all have gathered to celebrate his

episcopal elevation to an ArchBishop has all the qualities to be elevated and consecrated.

The Prelate was assisted during the officiating by  ArchBishop, Michael U. Ajala( Prelate) of Okigwe province and another clergy.

The Prelate,Prof  Nwosu charged the new ArchBishop Udeh to always be on the path of truth, rely on the heavenly father, who only Him is able and capable to see him succeed; that His grace is sufficient for those that deligently worship him.

He warned  the celebrant never to seek power from any other god or by any other means, except God who has all to give to humanity, that if he chooses to do otherwise, that the grace of God will depart from him and that will bring damnation , but prayed it will not be his portion.

The Prelate charged him to close the vacuum left by His Grace, ArchBishop AJV Obinna retired, who he remarked as the first Emekuku great son to have attained that echelon in the Catholic faith Ecclesiastical province of Owerri. While another Emekuku born has taken over from him, from  the Pentecostal angle, in the person of  Udeh, and  noted that, it was a blessing come through.

Turning to the ArchBishop’s wife, Rev. Mrs Linda Ibiwari Udeh also elevated as a Bishop sameday charged her to sustain the virtues of a good mother as she lead the women in the fear of God.

The occasion also witessed the first episcopal assignment performed by ArchBishop Reginald Udeh, when he elevated two of his Ministers, Pastor Damian Opara as a Revered and his amiable wife, Evangelist ( Mrs) Florence Opara before the gathering.

Speaking on the event, the state Governor, dist. Sen. Hope Uzodimma duly represented by his Senior Special Adviser on Public Health, Dr. Anthony Ihedoro expressed happiness over the event, he commended the organisers of the programme, even as he charged  ArchBishop Reginald Udeh not to allow the Gospel of salvation to to depart or go cold in his mouth so that the present generation could be saved. He urged him to  be seeing to inspiring many for heavenly purpose by upholding the sanctity of faith for  the healing of the land. He wished the celebrant sound health in abundance  from above as he continue to journey on the vine yard of the Lord.

The medical expert and Governor’s aide, was enthused to say that,” Emekuku ancient community had and continue to be identified with good things.”

Earlier, the traditional  Emekuku ancient kingdom ( Eze ukwu of Emekuku), HRH, Exe Obi Ejeshi who was the first caller to the event,  while pouring ecomium on ArchBishop Udeh, said his new position in the Christian faith is a well deserved one.

Eze Obi Ejeshi Njoku recalled how Emekuku Ancient community had hitherto played host to so many strangers and visitors that dwelled in the community, starting from the early Christian missionaries who came to settle in the area and established the early Catholic Church, ochestrated by his I ate grand father, Amadi Obi Ejeshi who was a paramount Chief, and later reigned as the first Eze of Emekuku Ancient Kingdom.

He expressed joy that the community has produced great sons and daughters who excelled in their different disciplines, including producing the first Archbishop of the Catholic Church in the entire Ecclesiastical province of Owerri, in the person of His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. AJV Obinna who served meritoriously before he retired recently by handing over to a younger person. And noted that a similar scenario had played out as the first Archbishop of the Penticostal churches is an Emekuku son, in the person of Rev. Reginal Udeh whom we are witnessing his elevation/consecration today celebrated in his family compound.

“To me, it is a double blessing, because it is thesame God we are serving. ”

He urged him to use any medium he seems appropriate to  convey the reorientation messages, while  assisisting in championing course, caution them on their  quest to acquire easy wealth through  desperate means, and  warned that, if the trend was not checked, it will mark a serious negative effect on the psyche of the youths who may inturn resort to all manner of vices against the society, starting with their immediate environments.

The royal father  observed that  most of the male youths in particular have forgone going to church to Worship on Sundays, instead they move about in the villages ,sneaking around seeking for where to smoke hard drugs and stong alcoholic substances.

He wished the celebrant who also served in public offices and retired as a permanent secretary, Minsitry of  Budget, Economic Planning, and Statistics in the state, a success.

His royal counterpart, the traditional ruler of Azaraubo aut. community Emekuku, HRH, Eze Chris Nwamara( Eze udo 2), counselled the celebrant to use his wealth of experience in the vine yard of God to do the needful towards the entire community, by not compromising his faith with injustice or evil. He noted that his elevation was divine. And added that God uses man to perform the words of His counsel.

He enjoined the clergy to continue in prayers fervently as a Shephered, being the

only sacrifice he will make.

Meanwhile, it was a double  celebration, when penultimate  September 10,2023, something significant took place on  the Sunday service at The Redeemed Reconciliation Church of God, Inc. Emekuku when a visiting foreign clergy from Texas, in United States of America, Bishop Clerk H

illuminated the spiritual enclave of Emekuku as he preached to the people during the Sunday church service that received him and members of his entourage. He summerized his homily on love of  God while referring  to St. John Gospel; chapter15 vs 5, that says;” Abide in me, and I abide in you.”

It was a call that called for renewal. He said, if God’s words abide in you, He can move in you and establish you.

He was later ordained an ArchBishop by the founder of the church, ArchBishop Reginald Udeh whom unknown to him, that his guest(Bishop Clark) had  been confirmed already to be ordained an ArchBishop in Texas, United State in view.

The revelation generated a mixed feeling from the congregation and those who accompanied him to the church venue.

ArchBishop Clark was accorded the privilege of dedicating a child during the sunday service, and  he was overwhelmed by such honour.

The Penticostal American clergy expressed joy and adopted Emekuku as his home in appreciation to their hospitality.

It was also reviewed that, ArchBishop who is concerned about the state of being in Nigeria and in particular the Eastern region will soon unveil his programme to the black race continent as his contribution to cushion the effect of hardship and hunger threatening the people.


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