Cell Phone Health Hazard

Technology has its advantages to you and your organization such as communication between families and friends separated miles apart, keep up with entertainment and news from around the globe, preserving perishable food items etc. However it is never without one hazardous disadvantages to our health if conscious precautions are not taken. In this write up we shall discuss the following:

  1. Electromagnetic Radiation
  2. The effect of Radiation
  3. How to protect yourself from dangerous effect of radiation
  4. The devises that emit radiation

What is Radiation?

In a nutshell radiation is energy that is traveling through spaces in the form of waves or particles. It occurs naturally and has always been around and as we are bombarded with it in one form or the other everyday our lives here on earth.

Meanwhile, it might amaze you to know that your mobile phone or microwaves emits the highest frequency of radiation.

The effect of Radiation

Some experts suggest that little radiation is good in terms of medical x-ray to combat and diagnose illness in our body. It is only those experts that will know how much is little as our bodies can tolerate. To a layman it is dangerous to expose our bodies to radiation. The type of unwanted radiation emitted from objects around us, such as mobile phones or ovum etc is electromagnetic radiation because they are radiofrequency (RF waves to send or received calls. You’re mobile which is your closest friend can be dangerous more than you can imagine.

Without the presence of electromagnetic radiation transmitted through waves from satellites, you cannot send or receive calls, send sms or other activities on your mobile phone.

“Nothing good comes easy” they say, our generation is reaching out to an unprecedented height of technological advancement and that will not happen without some dying consequences. The most expensive price we are likely to pay for our unprotected jet age services is severe damages to body cells because of unguided electromagnets radiation to our bodies.

Studies have shown that exposure to RF causes heat to generate this electromagnetic radiation which can cause the following:

  1. Slight or severe headache, which can also result in elevation of blood pressure.
  2. Direct brain warming after prolonged use. Notice that your phone is always warm after receiving or sending calls for a long time. What do you think is happening to your ear and brain that have direct contact with the phone in that process?
  3. Fatigue/weakness of the entire body system. A recent study in Sweden suggested that acoustic neuroma (brain tumor of the acoustic nerve) are twice as common in mobile phone users as those that are not using mobile phone.
  4. Memory impairment
  5. Fetal damage
  6. Low sexual performance in both men and women. Infertility cases on both men and women.

Nevertheless since this is an unavoidable norms of our generation, commonsense denotes that users of mobile phones and other devices that emit high frequency radiation should take adequate precautions in using them.

Think of health first and provide securely against hazard radiation that is capable of devastating life.


Radiation is all around us. Experts suggest that we keep our mobile phones far from us but this question is how can that be possible when the phones are handsets; is expected to be within the reach at any given time? This is the challenge every user is face with, especially our youths.

Our so called adult toys, phones, tablets, laptop, desktop, monitors, high tension power lines, refrigeration, television, especially microwaves and much more are all sources of radio frequency (RF) or electromagnetic energy radiation.

Experts warn of their harmful tendencies to our health.

Simple precautionary recommendation

Experts have recommended the following precautions as a way to reduce the effect of radiation.

  1. Keeping our phone 20cm away from your head reduce radiation doses.
  2. Try not to chat for hours
  3. There are few devices on the market that you can attach to your phone that reduces the emission of radiation to allow the body to neutralize the effects, but how reliable are these products? You need satisfied  anti-rat (anti radiation).
  4. It is always sensible to take precautions when children are concerned as their young brain  are far more susceptible to radiation effect than adults, absorbing radiation at three times than adult rate. Anti-radiation sticker (Anti – Rad) gives you a solution to the above impossible precautions. So you are advised to get an Anti-radiation sticker today and stick it on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, television, desktop, monitor, microwaves and other electrical gadgets. “A stich in time saves nine”. They say.


Topic: Sickness isn’t for you  

Text: 3 John 1:2

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.


The Bible says that Jesus Christ has given you a beautiful life (John 10:10) and one of the way to enjoy this life is to be healthy and strong.

The Lord doesn’t want anyone to be sick, sickness is from the devil. So, refuse to be sick. Stick to God’s word and continue to medicate on it, declaring that divine health is at work in you from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Hallelujah!


The Holy Spirit dwells in me and He has strengthen my body, therefor I refuse to be sick. I am healthy, strong and alive always. Hallelujah!


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