OKIPOCA Endorses Uzodinma For 2nd Term

…Lauds him on infrastructure

By Nkechi Ojukwu

Ahead of the governorship election coming up on November 11, the Okigwe Political Consultative Assembly (OKIPOCA), which comprises of  six  Local Governments, has called on all voters in the zone to elect Governor Hope Uzodinma for second term on November 11, governorship election for continuity of the good  infrastructural development by the Shared Prosperity  administration.

The group  made the call  during the strategic town hall meeting of Okigwe political Consultative Assembly, OKIPOCA last  Sunday at Obowo LGA, headquarters.

The meeting which was exclusively geared towards the general interest of the zone’s  common good and political relevance in the state and in Nigerian politicking by extension, was contained in address presented by Hon. Lady Love Ineh, the Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development and the President,  Okigwe Political Consultative Assembly (OKIPOCA).

According to her, the association is an assemblage of Pan Okigwe political progressives, consisting of politicians, professionals, business men and women, youths and opinion moulders.

The Commissioner maintained that ” OKIPOCA’s   priority is focused on the well-being of Okigwe zone,adding that it  believes strongly that it must be premised on love, peace and dignity of man”.

She reiterated that among the three zones in the state it is only Okigwe that constantly laments of marginalization, underdevelopment and deficiency of social infrastructure.

But the story,she noted  has reversed,   ” we have witnessed a gradual  but incremental paradigm shift in the past three and half years, in both political appointments and infrastructural development under the government of  Senator Hope Uzodinma” .

The President of  Okigwe Political Consultative Assembly, OKIPOCA, revealed that the zone is the beneficiary of Governor Uzodinma’s  road reconstruction of 53 kilometers connecting Owerri/ Mbano/Onuimo and Okigwe road, and also the 5 kilometre road in each Local Government, under the renewal  policy of this present government.

She further mentioned that, ” governor Uzodinma’s recent initiative to renew work on the construction site of School of Engineering, Imo State University Onuimo, including the plan of same adminstration to site part of the newly commissioned Housing Scheme in Anara, Isiala Mbano LGA, are worthy of commendation”.

Lady  Ineh went on to  recall the fact that Okigwe people have received numerous appointments across board from the Share Prosperity Government of Hope Uzodinma. ” Okigwe has not had it this good for so many years before now” ,she summited.

“OKIPOCA appreciates Governor Uzodinma immensely, for his vivid concern and demonstration of love to Okigwe, while assuring him of our tenacious support to  his government and to ensure he returns for the second term” .

The Speaker,Imo  State House of Assembly, Hon. Chike Olemgbe, reaffirmed that Okigwe zone will do everything within their reach to deliver governor  Uzodinma on November 11, governorship election.

He said this is  in view of the fact that the government has done great generally and has particularly  shown love to Okigwe people.

According to him,   ” it is our turn to reciprocate, he will surely win in Okigwe zone, on his mandate we shall stand”.

The Speaker  urged the leaders to continue and strategize on campaigning for governor Uzodinma in their respective homes.

Dr. Emma Mbaniusi , traced the historical background of Okigwe, highlighted that it is under the administration of  Uzodinma that Okigwe Local Government Area ever produced a Senator, ” so therefore we will support the governor maximally mostly the youths of Okigwe.

In his  submission, the Chairman of the meeting  Hon. Michael Duru, reassured his continual support not only for Imo state but particularly Okigwe zone in everything that will promote the progress in the area .  “governor  Uzodinma , loves so much the people of Okigwe more than any other previous Governors, as he made all efforts to deliver and appoint the sons and daughters of Okigwe zone”.

Not forgotten the road built by this government, he has done a remarkable projects in the zone, except late Sam Mbakwe, no other governor could be compared with Uzodinma,  he  therefore encouraged the people of the area to continue in their full support for Hope.


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