Imo Guber: Samdaddy And Jones’ Exciting Partnership 

By Lancelot Obiaku
Success in leadership requires not only a strong and capable leader, but also a team of like-minded individuals who bring valuable skills to the table. The responsibility of leadership is so immense that it is crucial for the leader to have a supportive team with the necessary abilities. If the leader is prepared to face challenges but is surrounded by individuals who lack the required competence, it becomes difficult to achieve goals. Conversely, if the leader is surrounded by intelligent and talented individuals who have a proven track record of delivering results, then success becomes more feasible.
When a political party and candidate prepare for a governorship or presidential election, they carefully consider various aspects before choosing a running-mate. Key factors include the political and social impact the running-mate can bring to the campaign, as well as their leadership qualities that will be instrumental in governing effectively after winning.
For example, in the last U.S Presidential election, Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris was strategic as it ticked the political and social boxes which offered enough pull to help Biden and the Democratic Party defeat the incumbent, Donald Trump. Her gender (female) and her black heritage were a great advantage, and she was not a wild card among the Democrats having stood as a candidate against Biden in the contest to become the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. But beyond this is the fact that Harris has had years of leadership experience. As Chatham House succinctly stated, “Harris is a highly experienced leader with national, state level and city level credentials. She worked as a district attorney in San Francisco for several years before being elected attorney general for the state of California, and then to the US Senate in 2016.”
In relation to Imo State PDP and Senator Samuel Anyanwu, Hon. (Dr) Jones Onyereri is considered a highly capable Deputy Governorship candidate. He hails from the densely populated Orlu Zone and holds a prominent position in the local political landscape. Onyereri is widely regarded as a grassroots politician with broad support across his Senatorial Zone. He has a notable track record, having served as the representative for Nkwere/Isu/Njaba/Nwangele in the House of Representatives for eight successful years. Onyereri’s influence extends throughout the Orlu Zone, particularly due to his outstanding performance as a member of the House of Representatives.
Jones is credited to have attracted numerous projects and was not only visible in the green chamber, but also close to his constituents, attending to their needs. Evidently, he is not a newbie in the PDP. As of today, he is said to have taken the entire structure of the PDP in Orlu Zone under his wings. Jones ticks all the boxes. Being on the PDP ticket will win a lot of votes for the party. He understands politics and he has also been proven in leadership.
Senator Samuel Anyanwu (Samdaddy) on his own is an experienced political leader who began his journey from the cradle. When he was local government Chairman of Ikeduru LGA, his administration provided capital projects including roads, pipe born water, health centers and other amenities. What followed from there was a rise to the Senate where he once again proved not to be a pushover. In the Senate, Samdaddy raised the bar of representation for Owerri Zone. Like Jones, Samdaddy comes with legislative experience but more than this is a rich knowledge of administration.
Samdaddy’s choice of Onyereri as his running mate demonstrates his determination to succeed in the election and effectively govern Imo State. Samdaddy has consistently spoken highly of his running mate and emphasized the significance of his selection. During a speech to members of the Imo PDP New Media Directorate in May, Samdaddy stated, “Jones will be Governor with me. Our partnership will be strong and he will not be sidelined. Jones Onyereri has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer. He will not be a Deputy Governor who is only present at ceremonial events and routine visits. As Governor, Jones will actively represent me at National Executive Council meetings and economic discussions. He will be integral to day-to-day governance.”
It comes as no surprise that the Samdaddy and Jones partnership is causing significant problems for the ruling party. The popularity of the PDP joint ticket is spreading rapidly, and the fact that the current Governor recently made desperate remarks against the opposition highlights the PDP’s strong position. While some may dismiss the Governor’s comments as mere political talk, they indicate his concern about the opposition, particularly the PDP, ahead of the election. The Governor has likely witnessed the overwhelming support for the PDP candidates as they toured the LGAs of the State. Furthermore, he must be worried that Samdaddy and Jones’ message has resonated with the people, creating a sense of urgency among the masses to have them in the government house.
Admittedly, many believe that with the kind of relationship the masses have with Jones and Samdaddy, being leaders who served the people sincerely when they occupied elective positions and who are by no means strangers to them, they will not be alienated in any government spearheaded by the dynamic duo. Such is the trust and confidence from the electorate that can transform into a volcano that will sweep the ruling party out of power and usher in a government of the people that can make Imo safe, secure and thriving again!
Lancelot Obiaku, the Director-General of Imo PDP New Media Directorate, writes from Owerri.

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