Call Your Media Campaign Team Particularly Godwin Izuchi Onyirimba To Order To Stop Toxic And Junk Campaign Stumps

His Excellency,

Senator Hope Uzodimma.

Governor of Imo State.

Government House



Call Your Media Campaign Team Particularly Godwin Izuchi Onyirimba To Order To Stop Toxic And Junk Campaign Stumps


Whereas His Excellency is the November 11 Gubernatorial candidate to beat, your Media campaign team has turned you to be the candidate struggling to beat the opposition candidates who ought to be struggling to beat you.

Your media campaign team has only succeeded in demarketing His Excellency’s candidature by deploying nothing but toxic, junk, crass and irresponsible campaigns STUMPS instead of projecting His Excellency’s various achievements on quality road infrastructure and others too numerous to mention here, as the only weapon to launch a well baked and mesmerising campaign stumps to take on the opposition candidates.

The use of unintelligent and infantile ingredients as a tool for PERSONAL ATTACKS by your media team especially by Godwin Izuchi, against opposition candidates Senator Samuel Anyanwu of PDP and Senator Athan Achonu of LP, is most irresponsible, repulsive, crass, asinine and of course ludicrous.

Do you, as APC  Candidate and the  incumbent Governor have any personal scores to settle with Senator Anyanwu and Senator Achonu? The answer is a capital NO.

It is a naked secret that both Senator Anyanwu and Senator Achonu are your friends and brothers on a good note.

Hence, you must immediately stop your campaign media team from the use of PERSONAL ATTACK tools, against Senator Achonu and Senator Anyanwu whose media campaign teams tools are moderated.

Insecurity as a campaigns tools by the opposition candidates against your 2nd term bid, is not out of place, is expected because  you are the incumbent Governor and chief security officer of Imo state, whether ceremonial in nature or Constitutionally unpracticable and encumbered in nature, the toga of His Excellency being the chief security officer still holds you down hence opposition candidates must use Insecurity as a campaign tool to weaken the chances of your 2nd term bid.

But, what is the BUT?

The answer is simple and that is that, Insecurity is not peculiar to Imo state in the South East and Nigeria as a whole.

Beneath the rigmarole of insecurity as a campaign stumps against His Excellency’s 2nd term bid, there is a window of escape and that is  that, it is crystal clear that as the Governor, you have fought insecurity to standstill and still counting, the situation is not as bad as it were, for which you must be commended, against all odds and whether some people like your  face or not.

As a Governor seeking a 2nd term bid, you made the job easier for your media campaign team and all those supporting you in one foam or the other but unfortunately your  media campaign team has derailed woefully and unprecedentedly injurious to His Excellency’s mark, as at today.

Should the opposition candidates resort to PERSONAL ATTACK tools, as Godwin Izuchi do,  the euphoria and outcome won’t be a good one for His Excellency.

There is still time to re-engineer, re-strategise and repackage your media campaign team to deploy issue based campaign stumps and nothing more.

For now, SAVE IMO is tempted to mark the performance of your media campaign team 35 percent, failing.

Truth is bitter but the tonic.



Ebubeagu Ekenulo

Founder, Convener.


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