Imperative For Issue-based, Peaceful Guber Campaigns In Imo 

The Imo governorship election scheduled for November 11 this year,  is barely two months away from now.

Presently, political parties candidates have begun kicking off their campaigns and launching their manifestoes.

Ordinarily, the candidates are expected to sell their programmes to Imo people and engage  opponents on the basis of the programmes they present, as contained in their respective manifestoes.

However, some supporters of some of the governorship candidates are rather busy shadow-boxing opponents of their principals on the social media.

Some think  blackmailing opponents of their principals on the basis of their private lives, is the only way to show they are working.

Is this what  Imo people want to hear in the present circumstance?

Undoubtedly, the state is passing through some of the darkest moments in her history.

The challenges of raging insecurity, mass unemployment, high cost of food,  raising transport fares and cost of living, increasing poverty, dearth of industries,, among others, are germane for the state to move forward.

Enunciating solutions to these myriad of challenges bedeviling the state ought to be on the front burner through out the electioneering and in all discusses.

The governorship candidates for the Imo State gubernatorial poll slated for November 11, should rededicate themselves towards meaningful engagement  Focus should be on the real issues as they affect the state.

Debates among all the candidates, should be considered crucial.

Imo cannot afford to through the present situation a second time.


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