Like Robin Hood, Uzodinma Should Stop Using Looted State Fund To Do Endorsement Giveaway To Imolites

By Emenike Amanze

Robin Hood was a 14th century notorious fictional outlaw rebel  known for stealing and robbing people’s valuables and sharing  peasants  to the poor. His timeline, character and personality was represented in the English folklore and Ballad. Today, the society is full of Robin Hood who after robbing the people, turns back to distribute peasants to the poor members of the society. Such pretentious and camouflaged “financial saraka” is the root cause of the erosion of  the spirit of social morality and moral decadence in our society today.

By all standard, Governor Hope Uzodinma can best be described as Robin l Hood who goes about bribing the people with peasant from the state treasury  only to woe them in endorsing his one-leg second term bid.

He has continued to woe almost every available group in the state in supporting and endorsing his re-election bid . The truth is that you don’t influence or force people to endorse you.  If  you have done well you don’t need to use state treasury to force people to endorse you rather your works and legacies will speak for you .

Recently, he described himself as a childless woman who is in desperate search for fruit of the womb and is ready to do any thing including eating his own feaces for as long as he will get assurance of re-election.

Like Robin Hood, Governor Hope Uzodimma has been going around throwing money up and down to buy endorsement for himself.  There is no section of Imo society he has not paid to endorse him. It is unfortunate that Hope Uzodimma is still living in the old-fashion  mentality without knowing that modern politics has gone beyond Robin Hood’s pattern of “robing Peter to bribe Paul”.

Using the state treasury to buy endorsement  is the height of deceit and irrationality .

In this era of power rascality and ludicrous personalization of public wealth, pretentious and camouflaged “giveaway” like Governor Uzodimma whose has emptied the state treasury buying for second term endorsement from the same poor masses whom he has impoverished is self- succidal

Until the likes of Governor Hope Uzodimma who “rob Peter to bribe Paul” are flushed out from holding public offices, our society will continue to  dangle on the threshold of monumental immorality.

In all, we are consoled by the popular words of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America ” you can fool some of the people all of the times and all of the people some of the times but you cannot fool all of the people all of the times”. The truth is that the people “emepeela Anya” and can no more be hoodwinked by  Uzodimma’s  diversionary stunt and deflective gimmicks. Indeed, the people “emepeela Anya”.


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