Achonu- Imo Labour Party Governorship Candidate Hosts Imo Lawyers at his Abuja Residence

Senator Athan Nneji Achonu, the Labour Party’s Governorship candidate for Imo State, recently at his private residence, played host to a group of Lawyers from Imo who were in Abuja for the 2023 annual NBA conference.

At the event, Senator Athan and the lawyers engaged in in-depth discussions on matters concerning Imo State. The primary focus was to address and find potential solutions to the challenges faced by the state. Various pressing issues, such as judicial reforms, education, healthcare, security, infrastructural development, and the overall welfare of the people, were extensively discussed.

The lawyers of Imo extraction, known for their expertise and experience in legal matters, provided valuable insights and suggestions to Senator Athan. The interactive session allowed for a constructive exchange of ideas, enabling Senator Athan to gain a better understanding of the concerns and aspirations of the legal community and the people of Imo State.

While speaking about the spate of insecurity in the state, he reiterated his commitment to the security of lives and property in the state whilst implementing full Local Government Autonomy upon assumption of office.

He also assured them of his commitment to “implementing reforms in the justice sector that would enhance access to justice for our citizens, and speedy trial of cases before the courts.”

Senator Athan expressed his gratitude to the lawyers for their participation and highlighted the importance of collaborations of this nature in addressing the pressing issues faced by Imo State. He assured them of his commitment to bringing positive change and development to the state if elected as the Governor.

Senator Athan also acknowledged the lawyers’ role in upholding justice and the rule of law in our society.


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