ISCAF Moves To Provide Succour To Aged People In Iboland

…Charges facilitators on transparency.

The President of the Ibo Senior Citizens Affairs Foundation ( ISCAF), Bishop Maglorious Enyioha has lamented the poor living condition of most of the aged people , also known as senior citizens, in the former eastern region of Nigeria who are being consumed by grinding poverty and having no one to assist them.

Speaking during a meeting with state facilitators of ISCAF in Owerri last Tuesday, Bishop Enyioha informed the  facilitators from all the 9 states of the old eastern region that their selection to drive the vision of a new lease of life for the senior citizens in the region was the outcome of the group’s prayer for God to give them men and women of integrity that would help extend the project into their local governments and communities.

Enyioha, who is the presiding bishop of Friends of Jesus Global Mission based in Owerri, Imo state, described ISCAF as a “foundation licensed and rooted to partner with organizations, agencies, governments and people that could help our suffering senior citizens”,  adding that by government he meant even beyond the shores of Nigeria.

The organization which was registered in the country in 2018 has some of its objectives as , ” to effectively draw the attention of the populace to the plight of our senior citizens, the aged in our society; to sincerely strive to provide care and succour for the aged who on their own are no longer productive in our society; to promote and inculcate the values of love and brotherhood among members and the younger generation to build a society without war, poverty, inequality and impress upon them the need for change.

The ISCAF president stressed that the group remains a non- governmental organization (NGO) and non- partisan, saying that all governments were for them whether good or bad.

He also warned them not to allow political sentiments influence their activities as their mandate was solely to provide care and succour to the senior citizens in their various states and the name of the group must not be dragged into partisan politics.

He promised the state facilitators that all avenues would be exploited to ensure that the region”s senior citizens would begin to smile soon, as Cc, which he described as a” scam” had failed them.

The ISCAF president urged the facilitators to seek out zonal facilitators in their various states, diligently select LGA supervisors, Chief Community Development Officers and 21 Community Development Officers((CDOs) to assist in task.

Bishop Enyioha also said that the group would soon launch its “Parliament” which would be a forum for them to regularly discuss issues concerning the senior citizens and the Ibo nation in general and provide a united stand.

Prior to hosting the state facilitators, Bishop Enyioha had also met with the LGA supervisors of ISCAF from Imo state in which he encouraged them to be hard working in building the structure of the group in their respective LGAs to facilitate the vision of the group in the rural areas which is the reason for the arm of ISCAF called, Patriotic Leadership and Rural Development Assistance (PLADA).

The bishop noted that pensions which workers are entitled to, have failed the people, hence the need to bring succour to them.

Not only that, Bishop Enyioha maintained that ISCAF has the mandate to liaise with governments to provide social amenities to the communities.


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