Imo Guber 2023: Placing Samdaddy of PDP & Uzodinma of APC Side by Side Against Falsehood (1)

By Ikenna Onuoha

A lot has been said concerning the November 11 Governorship election in Imo state. Members of different political parties are currently in the business of speculative tales and promotion of fake rytorics to impugn the reputation of their opponents with a view to scoring cheap political relevance.

To ascertain the relevance of the tales of falsehood, there is need to place the two major Governorship contenders, Samdaddy of PDP and Uzodinma of APC side by side. With this informatic analysis, the public will have access to their public documents and as well understand their importance. By so doing, readers will appreciate whether the two are equal politically, and which one has the good business, social, or political image or self esteem to lead Imo state to the promised land.

While some have unconsciously, desperately, falsely and fictitiously accused Samdaddy of purportedly hobnobbing with Hope Uzodinma to topedoe the chances of PDP and Owerri zone from clinging to power, some have also leveraged on the unsubstantiated allegations to cast aspersions on him and as well, accord wide publicity to the hoax to make it appear factual.

What people have failed to understand is the business, academic, social, religious and political credentials of Samdaddy and Uzodinma respectively as to know the one that is most capable to “settle, bribe, or pay off” the other to withdraw ambition to enable the other win the November Governorship contest.

To douce the fake news, it is on record that Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu has toured round the 27 local government areas in the state with the message of “Lets make Imo safe again” campaign. Up till now, the APC candidate and Imo state Governor, Hope Uzodinma is yet to even address workers at the government House to inform them that he is running the position or not let alone stepping out an inch to campaign. Let Uzodinma be told that what he did in 2019 election will never happen again. Recall that Uzodinma never participated in all debates organized in 2019 nor ever visited any LGA for campaign, simply because he was waiting for rigging through an alleged “Abba Kyari” connection.

What people should know is that APC members are doing everything possible to hide under falsehood to sale its unsaleable product. The question is, what makes Uzodinma to believe that Owerri zone cannot win the Governorship seat in the November 11 Governorship election untill 2027? How does he think that the misleading allegation can save him and his government from monumental defeat in the November election?

The best advise that should be given to Uzodinma and his wobbling APC administration now is to do the same thing the PDP candidate, Samdaddy has done in the 27 LGAs in the state to convince Imo people that he is indeed, interested in the election, instead of hoping on rigging that will not be possible this time.

However, it will be important to review and preview who Uzodinma and Samdaddy are right from childhood and the roles their parents played in the society for the appreciaion and assimilation of the public. With this revelation, Imo people will know who between Uzodinma and Samdaddy can withdraw from the Governorship race for one another. The public should be able to know between the two, who has succeeded politically and who has not won any election on free and fair basis since 1999. Their credentials will be in a better position to dislodge all the speculative tensions in the state.


The name of Hope Uzodinma’s father is, Chief Michael Uzodinma, his mother is Eziada Uzodinma from Ozuh Omuma in Oru East LGA. His is from a family of ten children, four women and six men. Though, his eldest brother died many years ago reducing their number to 4 women and 5 men at present. The name of their last child is Obiagaeri Uzodinma, etc.

Hope Uzodinma’s father, Chief Michael was living at Igwurita, Rivers State and operated a bakery company. On finding out that his bakery business was not florishing, Chief Michael Uzodinma shut it down and returned back to the village, Ozuh Omuma with children. On arrival to the village, young Hope Uzodinma was registered at Mgbidi Secondary School in Oru West, but due to the level of poverty and hardship, he dropped out from school.

Having dropped out from Mgbidi Secondary School and without any hope of survival, young Hope Uzodinma joined one Chief Ezego, a High Chief from Omuma as his personal Driver, but when Ezego died, Hope Uzodinma joined one Chief Maurice Ibekwe’s younger brother from Okwelle, in Onuimo LGA of Imo state, Chief Godwin Ibekwe (Ugoha of Okwelle) as his Driver.

While working as a Driver to him, young Hope Uzodinma was also rendering Driving services and running of errands to Chief Maurice Ibekwe (Okwelle Holdings) and Chief John (Johnney) Nebolisa (Arusi Okwuzi). While working for these “business guys”, young Hope Uzodinma smartly but sluggishly “enrolled” into University of Lagos on a part time evening programme for a Course that is still under question mark today. See INEC (2023) final list of Imo Governorship candidate.

Record has it that young Hope Uzodinma remained an errand “boy” till 90s. Also, record has it that Samdaddy built his mansion at Works layout, Owerri in 1992, by this time Hope Uzodinma was still struggling to find his feat in life despite his age.

Uzodinma ran an uncontrollable errands to “big boys” in “street business” in Nigeria yet,  without any hope of survival during 90s. He became confused in life that he almost contested every political positions in Orlu and Imo state without winning. At a time, Uzodinma became a deputy Governorship running mate to Chief Ikedi Ohakim after he had contested the Governorship, Senatorial, House of Representatives and House of Assembly seat without victory.

He became lucky to be politically liberated in 2011 when the wave of political altercation that blew Ikedi Ohakim out of power dragged him into seat as Senator representing Imo West (Orlu Zone) which was also repeated in 2014 due to another political manuvering between the camp of Sheriff and Makarfi faction that continued till 2019 when he finally left PDP for APC.

No wonder his political frustrations could not be unconnected with the report that he (Uzodinma) never won any election in his life including the current Governorship position he is occupying. The question is, if Uzodinma never won election in his life, how could he negotiate with Samdaddy, a man with SPECIAL records of electoral victories to retain power till 2027? Is it not a clear conclusion that since Uzodinma never won election in his life, that the November 11 Governorship election in Imo state will be his last defeat and public embarrassment in any election exercise in his lifetime.

The question now is, which political credential or antecedent does Hope Uzodinma possess that makes him an administrator? Has Uzodinma held any position in his life before he was “unelectively” elected into the Senate in 2011 and 2014 respectively? What political value does Uzodinma has to convince Imo people that he is doing well? Is this piece not an avenue for the people, afternoon looking at their credentials, who out of them can withdraw and take huge money to allow the other to continue? When did Uzodinma win his first political position in life and when did Samdaddy win his first political seat in life?


Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu was Born on 18th June, 1965 in Amaimo Ikeduru LGA of Imo State by Chief Sabastine and Lolo Virginia Chinyere Anyanwu. His father was the first Vice Chairman of old Mbaitoli/Ikeduru LGA. Immediately after the creation of Ikeduru LGA, Chief Sabastine Anyanwu became the first Executive Chairman of Ikeduru LGA.

Chief Sabastine, Samdaddy’s father played a prominent political role that gave rise to the current Imo state. He led the team that worked for the recovery of abandoned properties of the Igbos seized in Portharcourt with Chief Onunaku Samuel Mbakwe, PhD as his personal Lawyer.

When there was need to install a Governor for the old Imo state, Chief Sabastine Anyanwu play a critical role by nominating his personal Lawyer and Dr Samuel Mbakwe for the position with his former Landlord in Aba, Abia state, Chief Uzoigwe as Mbakwe’s Deputy Governor.  Late Chief Sabastine Anyanwu did not leave mansions and assets behind for his children, but he left integrity, good image and humility for his children which Samdaddy as a prominent son and an address to the family inherited.

SamDaddy, as he is fondly called had most of his primary education in Aba, Abia state. He also schooled at Central School Amaimo before proceeding to Amaimo High School. Samuel Anyanwu later proceeded to the University of Port Harcourt where he studied Political Science and Administrative Studies.

The political sojourn of SamDaddy started in 2003 with his appointment as Transition Committee Chairman of Ikeduru LGA. In 2004, he was elected Executive Chairman of Ikeduru LGA and Secretary of Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON). Owing to his superlative performance as Council Chairman, he was christened “ACTION” by his colleagues and fans for his leadership wonders.

If Samdaddy achieved all these within the 58 years on earth which outsmarted and overwhelmed that of his opponents in the Governorship position, it therefore become an impossibilty for anyone to believe hook line and sinker that he is nogotiating with just “a school drop out” to allow him win the November Governorship election.

SamDaddy was elected into Imo State House of Assembly in 2007 and was appointed the House Committee Chairman on Ethics and Privileges. Immediately after this, the people of Owerri zone saw the sterling legislative qualities of SamDaddy as a state legislator and decided to promote him to the Senate during the 2015 general elections. A rare feat in Imo State yet to be beaten till date. Samdaddy is a jinx breaker.

At this time, Hope Uzodinma was a second term Senator, but the then Senate President, Bukola Saraki looked at Samdaddy and saw the zeal and dedication to handle the position of Senate Committee Chairman on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions and went ahead to appoint him. Samdaddy no doubt, used the position to screen Uzodinma and other of their colleagues found wanting.

This Committee never thrived at the Senate until Samdaddy chaired it not minding the fact that he was a first timer. But again, Samdaddy broke the jinx as a first time Senator to head such a sensitive Committee. He was also Vice Chairman of three different Senate Committees where he brought his leadership qualities to bear.

The legislative experience of SamDaddy earned him the National Assembly Press Corps “Best Senate Committe Chairman Award” in 2016 where the 108 Senatos including Hope Uzodinma stood up as mark of honour for his dedication, determination and committment to serve his nation. SamDaddy has won several awards in recognition of his outstanding performance in leadership and development which are too numerous to mention.


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