Njemanze Dynasty: No one sits on Ozuruigbo Throne without DNA test -Stella


“It’ll be bumpy ride to Appeal, S/courts”

…Says: We reject high court ruling 

Against the backdrop of the judgement of an Owerri High Court which struck out a suit filed by Prince Charles Ezemurum Anumaku Njemanze challenging the parading of  Justice Fred Ezeohiri Njemanze (Retired)  as crown prince of Owere Nchi Ise in Owerri Municipal Council, the sister to Charles Njemanze, Princess Stella Njemanze-Nebo has reiterated their resolve to fight the legal battle up to the Supreme Court.

Princess Njemanze-Nebo who was reacting to the decision of an Owerri High Court which struck out the matter on grounds that  “it lacked justifiable course of action,” equally assured their opponents that the legal battle would be fiercely fought at both the Appeal Court and Supreme Court respectively.

Njemanze-Nebo,  the daughter of the late Ozuruigbo IV of Owere Nchi Ise, His Royal Majesty Eze Anumaku Njemanze popularly known as “Nakwa echeki,”  further insisted that the next Ozuruigbo Owere must come from the Njemanze bloodline. She added that only a proper DNA test would prove such a person’s eligibility for the royal throne.

According to her,  “It will be bumpy ride to the Appeal Court and Supreme Court”

Recall that  Prince Charles Njemanze had last week, announced his decision head to the Appeal Court to challenge the outcome of the said Owerri High Court judgement which struck out his suit challenging the parading of Retired Justice Fred Ezeohiri Njemanze as crown prince of Owerri Nchi Ise.

Owerri High Court had on Wednesday, struck out the suit “for lacking justifiable course of action”.

In his reaction to the judgement, Charles Njemanze insisted that the next Ozuruigbo Owerre must come from the Njemanze bloodline.

He said he was not surprised at the judgement of Hon Justice V.I. Onyeka who struck out the case “for lacking justifiable course of action.”

“I just woke up and before I went to sleep our attorney warned us about the outcome today. He reminded us we were in Owerre court.

“This case is exactly where we want it to be, out of Owerri.

“We are headed to the Supreme Court of Nigeria where there are no boundaries.

“I want to see a Hausa or Youruba Supreme Court justice rule that without DNA,  a person with absolutely no bloodline will ascend to our throne. We want to test and see that happen. Our attorney is fired up and this jubilation and excitement is only temporary.

“Owerre will not have Ozuruigbo until DNA is tested.

“Throwing out this case was expected.” he stated.

Prince Charles Njemanze pointed out that there were salient arguments which gave legal values to the case but that it was very unfortunate that the judge refused to look towards that direction.

He said the fight continues and will not stop until a DNA tested Njemanze is on our grandfather’s throne”

He appealed to his supporters to remain calm as they are heading to Abuja where many issues that were ignored will be treated with  importance, assuring them that victory would be theirs at last.

Also reacting on the outcome of the judgement, Princess Stella Nebo-Njemanze said that there is no other option than going to Appeal Court where there would be no eye service and where justice would be rendered.

Nebo-Njemanze noted that the judges at the next level would comprise non Owerrri judges, expressing optimism that the Appeal Court will look at the evidence before them and rule.

“There must be DNA in this case at the Supreme Court level, just watch” she maintained.


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