2023: Southeast Needs New Breed Of Legislators

All over the civilized world, the legislature remains the primus inter pares of the three arms of government. Hence the success or otherwise of any government in any country, depends to a large extent, on the vibrancy, “proactiveness” and independence of the legislature.

Perhaps and more probably, World War II would have been prevented had the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler not dealt a mortal blow on the German Reichstag in the late 1930s and early 40s. What the Hitler did to emasculate the German legislature at that time, remains a topic for another day.

Again, the persistent speeches of Cato, a Roman senator culminated in the destruction of Carthage a rising military power and perceived threat to Rome.

Senator Cato used only  three words “Carthago delende est” (Furthermore, I consider that

Carthage must be destroyed”), to push for the destruction of Carthage’s. Cato was a politician of the Roman Republic. The phrase originates from debates held in the Roman Senate prior to the

Third Punic War (149–146 BC) between Rome and Carthage. Cato is said to have used the phrase as the conclusion to all his speeches to push for the war. a senator during the days of the Roman Empire, contributed to the destruction of Carthage by the Romans. When the Romans finally destroyed Carthage, historians say the destruction was both “total and absolute.”

The foregoing intends to highlight how powerful and/or the role a senator or legislator  can play in shaping the future of his nation as well as contributed to the onerous task of nation building.

Back home in Nigeria,  It took the astuteness of Senator Ken Nnamani as Senate president then, to stop ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo from derailing the country’s democracy and achieving what many described as a self-serving third term agenda.

The year 2023 has been forecast as critical for the Southeast geo-political zone of Nigeria. Prevailing circumstances in the Southeast make it imperative that the people of the zone must exercise a high degree of circumspection  in their choice of those who will speak for them at the National Assembly.

Rising insecurity and agitation that has gradually assumed  a violent dimension; the  mounting unemployment in the zone and issues of dilapidated infrastructure including perceived dearth of federal presence, demand that the Southeast choose entirely new breed of patrotic and knowledgeable legislators who will prioritise the interest of the zone rather than chasing contracts in Abuja.

This is more so, as the likes Senator Abaribe , Senator Ike and Ekweremmadu appear to be ‘retiring’ from the Senate.

The era of when money bags and people without pedigree bulldoze there way to the Natiinal Assembly to further their personal pecuniary interests has to end. What with as the Southeast is seen as a zone facing existential threats.

Indeed we are persuaded that come 2023, the Southeast needs men with strength of character, focus,  resilience and intellectual endowment as senators and members of the House of Representatives, to help address the challenges facing the zone.


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