Significance Of the good Friday to Christians.

By Uzoma Emma.

The Four gospel writers recorded the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ and the passion week. However, it is a known fact that the 40 days Lenten season ended last Sunday which commenced to the Passion Week during which Jesus decided to suffer for our sins and voluntarily went to the cross and paid the inevitable price.Christians celebrate the death of Jesus Christ today being Friday, it is called “Good” because Jesus accepted to die for our sins in order that we might reconcile with God.Today is great, it’s unique and significant for all Christians globally Jesus was finally condemned and sentenced to die by crucifixion because he was allegedly accused of treason by the governor who presided over the case, pontus pilate, left with the Jews they didn’t not have the jurisdiction to condemn him based on their charges which they changed before bringing him to the judge.

Good Friday is observed on Friday before Easter Sunday and Palm was a Sunday before Easter Sunday.Believers see this week as a special time to seek the face of God, to organize Revival meetings, seminars, programs and crusades and conventions for the rejuvenation of their souls.It is unfortunate that Jesus was tried secretly without giving him fair hearing, his trial was held on public holidays and they hurriedly condemned him and released Barabbas who was a notorious prisoner and a Revolutionist.Jesus was condemned amidst two thieves.From the court where he was condemned to the Golgotha, they flogged him many times with blood all over his body , because the cross he was carrying was heavy, the soldiers commanded one man called Simeone of Cyrene to assist him carry the cross to the place of crucifixion.

Dear beloved reader, Jesus has paid the price of sins at the cross of Calvary,his death has set us from all manners of hook,be it cultural, economic, social and political hooks.He was buried at the grave of Joseph of Arimathea. Believers called the day he died ‘good’ because it’s a day he finally paid the price as a Ransom in order to redeem mankind name.

Following his death, there was temporary darkness in Jerusalem, the Temple curtain tore into two, from up to the down, it’s at the cross that Jesus settled everything. At the cross He purchased us back. Christians should see this day as a day for sacrifice,a period when we should help the needy, the poor, the orphans and the less privileged in the society.One of the seven words of Christ at the Calvary was “it’s finished”, meaning in Greek language, Tetelestai, that’s, paid in full, our sins have been paid in full.Jesus has completed his assignments with humility and obedience to the father.Happy good Friday dearly beloved one.Remember to forgive one another as Christ did.
Bishop, Prof. Uzoma Emmanuel is a Minister at Christ Victorious Alive Revival Mission,Owerri.

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