APGA Guber: Imo can be better, Nneji tells Imolites in US

The governorship aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance, Mr. Frank Nneji has taken the present ugly situation of Imo state to her sons and daughters residing in United States assuring that he will turn around the situation if given support.
Addressing an enthusiastic crowd in a Town hall meeting at Igbo Community Center Mesquite, Texas Friday, Nneji narrated the ugly state of Imo State which he attributed to bad leadership maintaining that the state will be better again.
In his words, “Imo State with an estimated population of 5.3 million owes the highest among the eastern states with a debt of about two hundred and sixteen billion Naira (N216billion). In sustainability, Imo poorly comes 24th of the 36 states of Nigeria. In ease of doing business Imo takes the back position of 34th out of 36 states”.
Nneji decried the prevailing insecurity of life and property in the state citing the frequent early         morning calls from home asking for money as symptoms of failed leadership.
The APGA gubernatorial front-runner disclosed that he has already toured the twenty-seven Local Government Areas in Imo State with the message on the need to rebuild the state. He said he decided to take the message to them so that they will part of the plan to take back the state to build it.
The founder of the popular company, ABC Transport, noted that he is not coming to do politics, as he has never been in politics apart from his student union activism at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
Outlining his key action program if elected governor, he stated that his priority would be on economic growth, Healthcare and Quality Education to put the state where it belongs in the comity of states.
They unanimously resolved that to solve the Imo leadership problem the same people u that created the problem who have become overnight converts in different political platforms cannot be used.
The people observed that the emergence of Frank Nneji which was severally applauded by participants, will undoubtedly send a strong message to the marauders in the Imo political arena.
According to them the choice Nneji presents is the choice between a defender of our democratic values against usurpers of our democratic values; a defender of civil, human, minority, women, children and labor rights against violators of these rights; an advocate of quality education against antagonists of quality education; an incorruptible, hardworking citizen against Looters and corruption, empowering our people against empowering few greedy collaborators.
They maintained that the choice is clear and stressed on the need to use the collective votes of the people to.send the marauders out of high political offices.

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