A former Senatorial candidate for Imo East Senatorial District, Chief Chyma Anthony, popularly known as Odiuko has lamented the fate of an average Nigerian youth, saying, that there is no evidence that the government cares for them or has any plans for their citizens.

The British trained chattered arbitrator, lawyer, international mediator, businessman and good governance enthusiast explained that; “It is the responsibility of governments at various levels to guarantee the future of the citizens, starting from when they are young.”

Making reference to Britain where he had his education and trainings in business, he said that every British child could actually afford to own a house at just thirteen years of age, if they decide to save what they are paid by the Local Council authorities, monthly.

“A responsible nation should be able to foster patriotism in its citizens by taking deliberate steps to show them that they care. Unfortunately, there is hardly anything that the average Nigerian citizen could say he or she benefits from the government. We pay for everything, including the most essential amenities. Yet, those in government live ostentatiously, thereby rubbing it on our faces that there is enough money to meet the needs of the population, but a very few, less than one percent of them are enjoying these monies.”

He regretted that Nigerians have been left with no option but to see themselves as a congregation of people without a government or with an irresponsible government, because, the government doesn’t play its roles in their lives.

“A Nigerian child grows up not feeling the smallest impact of government in his or her life, yet you expect such child to love Nigeria or to have any sense of responsibility towards the country? That’s unrealistic. It’s like expecting a child abandoned by his parents at a tender age to care for those parents when they grow old. We need to secure the future of Nigeria through responsible governance. Without responsible governance, without the people having a genuine sense of responsibility towards this country, Nigeria is just like a vehicle without break that will certainly crash into a ditch and disappear forever.”

Proffering ideas on how to avert this tragic outcome, he said that Nigerian political leaders must rise up to their responsibilities to the people.

“We shouldn’t only remember the people when elections are around the corner. Public office holders must see their constituents, Nigerians as their masters, as those who placed them in office and work hard to address their problems.”

“For instance, there is no reason why every single Nigerian child shouldn’t have access to free and qualitative education from Primary School to the university. There is no reason why young entrepreneurs budding with great ideas shouldn’t walk to the Bank of Industry with a good business plan and get funding for their business ideas within weeks and without having to know any politician. There is no reason why our roads shouldn’t be in good shape, there is no reason our civil servants shouldn’t have a secured future with the salaries they earn, their is no reason why corrupt public officials shouldn’t be tried within months and put in jail to serve as deterrent for others. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have uninterrupted power supply even in the remotest villages of this country.”

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