At a time people thought the security situation in Igbo land is improving, after insecurity blighted much of 2021, the scourge has suddenly resurged again. Peoples ears and eyes are again being assaulted by gory stories and sights indicating return of the scourge.

Imo and Anambra States appear to be the epicentre of the resurgent problem. Reports indicate that in Imo State alone more than five police stations have been torched in the past one month. Some security personnel also lost their lives in the attacks. Similarly, houses of a serving commissioner in the state and that of the President General of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, Prof George Obiozor were also razed down.

Cases of arson and felling of security agents have equally been reported in Anambra. The headquarters of Nnewi South Local Government Area was said to have been burnt down, just as some personnel of the Federal Road Safety Corps were reportedly gunned down.

Similarly, the sit at home order has also returned full time. IPOB has consistently insisted it has relaxed the order, saying it will now be effective only on days Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will appear in court.

However, its assurances clarifications and threats to squarely deal with violators of its position notwithstanding its observance has peaked again. This includes in Anambra where Gov Soludo announced an end to it, but last Monday streets and roads in the state were completely deserted.

To a very large extent, the return of insecurity and attendant negative consequences – killings, arson, violence, fear, anxiety and downturn in economic and social activities – can be blamed on the lingering incarceration of leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi. Though IPOB has always washed its hands off the killings and arson in the region, it has nevertheless being courageous and concerned enough to admit that miscreants and criminal elements are .now taking advantage of its struggle to perpetrate crime. That is to say these criminals are committing crime under pretext of fighting for his release.

That is true. Even truer is the fact that the deteriorating insecurity in the region could be drastically reduced if the federal government is truly committed and desirous of saving the situation. There are two options it should explore if it is serious about halting spate of bloodletting and looming descent into anarchy. It should speed the trial process of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the view to expeditiously conclude the trial.

Conversely, if it does not have weighty evidence to proof its terrorism charges against him, then there is nothing bad in freeing him to go home. Apparently, it seems that the government does not boast of foolproof evidence with which to nail him as evident in its unending amendment of charges against him. If this is the true situation government should be courageous enough to swallow the humble pie and let him off hook. However, if the contrary is the case it should try him based on the rule of law.

Except those in authority don’t want to tell themselves the truth, the major reason behind South East insecurity is the unresolved matter of the IPOB leader and his continued detention.

It is been seen as unjust, unfair and weightier proof of the seeming endangerment and gross marginalization South East in Nigeria. And the more these sentiments remain undiffused by the federal government, the more the restiveness in the land and attendant insecurity.
Therefore, it is high time peace and security of life and property by President Muhammadu Buhari through comprehensive resolution of the lingering matter of Mazi Kanu.

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