2022 International Women Day Celebration: PDP Recruiters/Mobilizers celebrate Imo women

As part of their program marking the International Women Day (IWD) celebration which was officially marked  on 8th of March, 2022, the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) Women Mobilizers/Recruiters celebrates Imo women for their contribution in various spheres of existence.

It should be noted that the month of March annually is usually set aside to celebrate women and the girl child. Thus, this year’s theme for the International Women Day (IWD) 2022 is ” Equality Today for a sustainable Tomorrow”.

This theme recognizes the contributions of women and girls around the world who are working to change the climate of gender equality so as to build a balanced and happy society that support smooth socio-economic growth and development.

In a Press statement by the Chairperson PDP Women Mobilizers/Recruiters, Dr (Mrs) Chinyere B. Okereafor expressed that celebrating all Imo women irrespective of their classes for their immense contribution in our socio-cultural, economic and political development is desirable.  Okereafor insists that every woman’s role counts in our march towards a peaceful and  equitable  society.

According to her, “without the market women usually classed lower on a scale, there would be no food supplies in the market and the consequences are obvious. I salute and give a pat on the back of all women in the state for their resilience in the face of mounting challenges”.

She gave thumbs up to the PDP for providing a robust women inclusion program in their policies.

The economist and female gender activist, also called on women to step out to embrace the struggle for inclusion which will give women a good voice on politics, governance  and key issues concerning them.

She lamented that the patriarchal system practiced in the country has limited women inclusion to an embarrassing situation, as the 9th Assembly turn a blind eye on five (5) gender based  Bills during the constitutional amendments.

The 5 bills she stated was designed to narrow the gender gap and give women a voice in line with SDG’s 2015-2030, goal 5: Gender Equality

In her words, “the woman is a mother, wife, daughter, sister to a man and impacts the world of a man roundly and positively.  Why then would they be left with the short end of the stick? Limiting a woman is limiting the nation’’, she further added.

Dr Okereafor observed that no development can occur in a crises driven environment such as we have in Imo where the State ranks as the unemployment capital of the nation and rated among the states with the highest level of indebtedness as well as breakdown of core infrastructural facilities.

She regretted that the women and their children including the girl child are the most vulnerable under the situation. She called on the government not only to restore stability avoiding senseless loss of lives but to also encourage the inclusion of women, the disabled women  in governance in order to give them a sense of belonging and to contribute  to the states orderly development.

Calling for the removal of glass ceiling and breaking the biases that hold women down she identified religion, tradition, politics, customary laws, physical strength and patriarchal ideologies as issues the women are presently grappling with and encouraged them not to relent.

# BreakTheBias


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