Abuja Sec. School Student Commits Suicide

A 16 year-old child has committed suicide on his mother’s birthday as a birthday gift to his mother. He left a letter saying;
“On today’s special day, I want you to be the happiest ever. Everyday you used to say that happiness left your life the day I was born.
You told me dad left because of me . So today, I want to change things. I want you to be very happy and live as if I never existed.
You told me you’d never look at me with love but I always loved you and admire you as the best mom on earth. I hope one day you will think of me, I hope in heaven you will finally hold me and kiss me.
The best gift I could give you is leaving your life as you’ve always told me you wished I was never born. I love you mom. Happy birthday”
Please Parents be careful of what you say to your kids. Words do cut deep.

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